May 25, 2010

solved! :)

thank you all who commented on the previous post! We're back okay now, well this was so far the longest time we didn't talk/text/chat one another, almost 18 hours, usually it only take few minutes and so I hope, 18 hours would be the longest ever.

Anyway if anyone still want to give some tricks or tips or something for me to remember when we quarrel again (i surely hope we won't do this often), you can always leave a comment in the previous post.

On a totally different note, my internet broke down, well the modem (again) it is, so here i am using my cellphone. So sorry for the short post and lack of pic, i just want to tell you that i'm still alive and we survived going through another bumpy road ;)

i love it when he calls me kiddo, lol.


  1. i love it when he calls me dummy (ya know, in that loving voice) haha. it makes me feel... human :p

  2. I'm glad everything's a-okay! My biggest advice is to talk it out ... there's that saying about not being angry at each other when the sun sets, so I try to do that ... as cliche as it sounds, it's all about communicating and getting things out, listening to each other rather than just trying to prove the other person wrong or something, and making sure to clear up any confusions. Those are my little tips? Oh, and lots of hugs and kisses afterwards haha :)

    And my close friend calls her boyfriend 'fella' and he calls her 'kiddo' ... I get called 'weirdo' LOL

  3. Which ISP do you connect with? Consider looking for a better one.

  4. Love Nikolette's advice. Take it for someone who's so experienced in a long term relationship lol. Talk it out. Reasonably and rationally of course.


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