Jun 5, 2010

Where was I?

Oh my God! I’m finally back! I don’t know how long has it been since the last time I typed a blog post using my dear pinky vaio laptop (which I call ‘Paping’ short of paio ping – lol, yes, what?)

Bad bad modem separated me from all of you here! :( anyway now I’m back so let’s move on. Lots of things happened during the time I was away… well, lots but not all that special. Hehe…

1. An old friend said she hates me for some reason I don’t know and she refused to tell either so I choose not to think about it.

Look, I’ve apologized, asked her multiple times what have I done wrong because I’m sure I did, and I need to know what is it so I can fix it later, so I won’t do it again in the future, right? No, she doesn’t tell me. Okay girl, hate me all you want, it’s your right. I’ve apologized and that’s my right.

I’ve done what has to be done, right?

2. As much as I want to not care about it, of course I do. It is not something I encounter everyday, someone declare hate to me, so for several good hours I was spaced out, trying hard to think what have I done wrong. It was not only the hate, or my mistake, but also her words.

Lucky now I have someone to run to, my dear Le Boy, he has no idea either, that’s not the point, when I asked him to amuse me, he really did. He sang to me a silly song from bread commercial and for the first time that day, I smiled. Oh my, he’s a keeper, isn’t he?

3. I’m thankful that by having someone hating me, I figured who loves me.

My friends, my cousin, they’re all helping me a lot going through the hardest time, their confused face when they ask “how can someone even hate you?” is such a compliment. I know I made lots of mistakes, and one or two can make someone just hate me easily, or annoyed at least. I’m not such a goodie-good anyway, I talk without much thinking and my comments are usually witty.

Anyway, I’ve moved on. She sometimes still do leave some harsh comment in twitter (without mention, of course), but like she had said to me, like I care…

It’s still such a sad thing, though. We were besties, and for some reason I don’t know we turned not that close either, she even hate me, oh my dear, hate is indeed a strong word. No, I don’t hate her, because I fully understand that I’ve most probably done something wrong, like really wrong and it hurt her heart, although I don’t know what it is.

All in all, days are good because I let myself see the good in life :) because then I have you all, my friends and my family, and of course having Le Boy as an addition to my days is such a fortune, he never fails to make me smile. Hehe…

I originally wanted to make it a post about Le Boy, but then I thought I would bore the hell out of you because looking back, it’s all about him! Haha… later, romance lover ;)

PS. and no, this girl who hates me isn't the same girl who's le boy's ex. no, of course not.


  1. Glad that you are back I missed you!

    Like you said hate is a big word and if you use it and can not live it to it, you should be using it. Forget about her.

  2. Hmm, I wonder what this girl's problem is. I'm in the same situation with an old friend from high school. I know she hates me, but have no idea why. So odd!

  3. Ohmygosh I can't believe I am commenting just now x_x My Internet at the new house is too lousy x_x

    I missed you and your stories Little Tiara who's not so little anymore!

    About this friend, meh, forget her. From the book I'm reading right now, rid yourself of the negative things to make way for new, positive things :)

    And I'm happy that you and him are doing great! I can feel the love radiating from my monitor right now! :)

    PS: I have an email for you, hope you will join! :)

  4. there are so many in the world who just want to bring others down. Jealousy? Who knows what thier motivation is, whatever it is. he/she is not worth your time and energy.


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