Jun 20, 2010

Talking about my thesis…

No! Don’t runaway just yet! Please? *puppy eyes* I promise I won’t talk about how complicated it is, about the actantial and sequential schemes I have to make and such boring things.

I just feel like I’ve been talking a whole lot about my thesis but never really tell you what it is actually about (well, not that I think any of you would be interested anyway, lol), but today I’ll tell you, my thesis talking about…

Fairytales ;)

Yes, that mushy stories about prince and princess, usually with witches and dragons and other imaginary creatures (like ogre and of course fairies), those stories that started with ‘Once upon a time’ and mostly ended with ‘And the lived happily ever after’.

img002 (2) copy
I’m a loyal believer of happily ever after, I love glowing things, balls, gowns, and of course, tiaras and princesses. So this subject is like too perfect for me, although reading things over and over again makes it feels like making less sense, lol.

So, now I forgot what was I supposed to say because… talking about thesis makes me remember that I gotta go now finish it. Ah, ciao bella! 

picture credits to me ;)

Wait, in spirit of daddy's day and fairytales, here I am presenting to you...

credit as tagged

Thank you daddy for spoiling me like a princess, for being jealous at Le boy when he first appeared in our house, for loving me endlessly, for reminding me to finish my thesis the soonest, for letting me wake up really really late just because you know I spent the night sleepless in front of my computer :)

Dear daddy, I love you.


  1. This is so sweet!! I absolutely adore fairy tales and I love this little collage from fairy tales of daughters with their fathers. SO lovely.

    And thanks again for your comment! I am feeling better now ;)

  2. Oh wow, what a cute topic for a thesis :D For mine, we did an advertising campaign for Go Nuts! Donuts, that's Krispy Kreme's main competitor here in the Philippines :)

  3. That would have to be the coolest thesis topic ever. I LOVE it! You will have to share it with us after you've handed it in and gotten graded.

  4. Best thesis topic EVER! Sorry, i just stumbled upon your blog and think its so cute :)

  5. this is so cute, i love it!

  6. Love that topic! I'm such a sucker for a good fairytale :)

    Good luck!

  7. awww this is so cute!
    i love happily ever afters too! :]

  8. awww love the photos
    that's a pretty sweet thesis. though I was never in school long enough to figure out the importance of a thesis, I wish you luck on writing it!

  9. lovely post looks soo sweet i like it

  10. SO SWEET! This makes me 19819841984198419 times more eager to read the English part and edit it, given the topic. That's so amazing :) Are you going to talk about the more brutal fairy tales and the Disney adaptations or what? Such a fascinating topic and ahhh, I would expect nothing less from you, you're fascinating too.

    P.S. Both of our boys are Geminis LOL.

  11. ah, once upon a times and happily ever afters! gotta love it! did you make that drawing/painting? you are sooooo talented tiara!!! and i still find it so sweet that your dad was jealous when your boy came around, hehe. just shows how much you are daddy's little princess! :D good luck on your thesis, i know you will kick butt!

  12. Aww, what a perfectly sweet post!

  13. I love your blog! It's so much fun. :) :) I'd love it if you checked mine out sometime!


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