May 16, 2010

Random Five

I browsed around weheartit today and found some celeb pictures, here I am sharing you some of my favorites.

(1.)Hey Jude, why do I find it so hard to believe that he's 37 already? *sigh*

(2.) and...

(3.) It could've been a really happy ending, methinks.

(4.) Adorable! No? Hahaha...

(5.) I had hard time how to end this post, but I guess, this is equal  happy ending? Hahaha...

Wait, this one's better!

Oh yes yes yes you are!


  1. Oh my god Jensen Ackles. I'm melting like a butter..

  2. oh how I wish Britney and Justin never broke up, they're such a cute couple!

  3. i agree... justin and britney should never have broken up. she got all messed up after that. anyhoo, im solidly TEAM ANISTON, but that photo (minus angelina --- meaning im imagining it's not her)is cute.

  4. Great pictures! I still love seeing Britney and Justin and I secretly wish they would get back together.

  5. Geez, I love the bottom picture. He's in Supernatural, right? I have a huge crush on him, and I agree, he's adorable.

  6. AHHH JENSEN! You ended this post off beautifully haha. I heard he just got married this weekend :( ah wells, we both have lovely boys, right-o? :D And aww, I used to love Britney/Justin together, such a shame. Hope everything's going good with youuu! Love youuu!

  7. Jude Law is soooo dreamy... And Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor and George Clooney and Robert Downey, Jr. too. Sigh. ♥♥

    Seriously, Britney Spears is my MOST FAVORITE celebrity! Yay you like her, too!!

  8. Angie and Maddox!! God, she makes me want to adopt or have a kid. She looks so pretty in the photo, and maddox is one lucky kid :)

  9. I like the last picture. ;)

    I love your layout, by the way.
    Simple, clean, sophisticated.

  10. Jude Law and Jensen've got great taste! ;-)

  11. The Angelina photo is completely adorable!! Love it.


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