Feb 4, 2013

the crazy adventure we had in Seoul

I can't believe I forgot to talk about this! This was one of the craziest day I've ever gone through during my stay in Korea. Well, actually there were lots of crazy adventure times, now that I think about it, every time I stepped out of my room, I was in for another crazy adventure in an unknown land, haha... especially since I love wandering around alone too much...

anyway, this time I was with a friend. Well, honestly, being lost isn't something new for me... (lol is this even something I can be proud about?) I was lost when I first came to Hongdae, and the second time I got there, and even the third time... :| 

I even got lost again when I went there with Cecilee from thus making both of us lost! Hahaha.. oh gosh, I sincerely feel sorry for her to be lost with me... read her story about that day here (yeaahhh.. it has me in the story too and you'll see how... -fill in the blank with whatever words you want- I am)

anyway, this is another story, with another girl, you see... I got lost a lot, hahaha.. but I gotta say this one is the craziest... 

so here goes the story...

That day me and my friends from the summer school class wanted to go to buy some more clothes and stuffs, if I remember correctly it was on our third week, which means the summer school was about to end so we tried to go to Seoul and shop as many times as possible (LOL, I'm so glad to meet such Shopaholic people)

There were four of us, but we split ways; me and Stella wanted to go shopping for clothes so we headed to Edae, while our other two friends wanted to buy souvenirs so they went to another place (I'm sorry I can't really remember where they went to), BUT we all wanted to watch the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, so we agreed to meet at 8 in the said place.

The beautiful water fountain we wanted to see

I am a pro about shopping in Edae, so we didn't get lost, we totally had fun! Bought chicken barbecue sticks, bought fresh fruit juices (that was a hella hot day if I remember correctly) shop a LOT, went to Baskin Robins, and shop some more~

Stella with her SUPER Spicy chicken barbeque, and mine, which wasn't spicy at all, lol
One of the 'gardens' in front of the mall in Edae
at 7 we decided to go to Itaewon Subway Station (where we will go to Banpo from that), here goes the adventure... I noticed that compared to other transportation services in Korea, Taxi is my least favorite, simply because it's so hard to communicate! I can't speak proper Korean and the driver can't seem to understand English... 

We had this note from the tourist information center; the officer said to just show it to the driver and he will take us there, but maybe because it was dark, or... I don't know why, we couldn't seem to find a taxi who wanted to take us there, until finally a girl who worked in a cosmetic shop around there helped us (ALL HAIL THE GIRL!! She speaks English properly, she saved our lives! Thank you so much girl~

So? Is the problem solved? Uh... Unfortunately no, not at all... We didn't catch what the driver was saying until suddenly he dropped us off in a random highway... Wait.. What?

We could hear the song played for the rainbow fountain show (yes, it has a background song) but we don't know where was it from! We were like... laksdagdasfda what to do now? That until we realize that we were ON that Banpo bridge... But to see the show, we have to be UNDER the bridge, LOL... We could see the riverbanks where people were strolling around, biking, and all... and we had no idea of how to get down there...

Long story short, we managed to find a tunnel (total luck!) which led us there, but the show had stopped and we had to wait for another hour... wait, did I mention that we shopped so much we were running out of money? As in cash (because we still have money in our T-money card) but we weren't worried about that since.. we still have our friends, right? Well... until they called and said that they were not joining us because they were still far and won't make it to the last show (at 9 PM)... Uh-oh...

Save that for later because we were there to enjoy the show... so it was 9 PM already but... why isn't there any show? We could hear the song (again!) but where is the rainbow fountain show??? Figures, we were waiting on the wrong side of the bridge, hahahahaha... so we ran (together with a lot of others, fortunately) to the other side of the bridge and enjoyed the show... which was totally worth it it was beautiful and... if I have to have any complaints, I should've come there with my boyfriend! It was sooooooooooo romantic! 

the riverbank was filled with photographers, they were waiting for the show too :)
The wrong side of the bridge, where we waited, lol
Stella posing in front of the water show, on the right side of the bridge

I think I should stop here for now, this is a long post already... hahaha... But remember, the crazy adventure didn't stop here, so stay tuned for more, lol...

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