Apr 23, 2012

Jazz mben Senen

Okay, I know most of you don't understand the title except the "Jazz" part. It was a javanese sentence, meaning "Jazz every monday". Yes, means weekly jazz.

I'm so much in love with the city I'm living right now, Yogyakarta. This is the place where traditional culture and art meet the modern future. This city is filled with so much passion of art, graffiti are in every corner, art performance held everyday, heck, you stop at the street light and you'll get to see the street artist performing! and one of the most loved is this show called Jazz mben Senen.

This weekly event is such a doll, I mean, I love it so much. I don't really know who started it first, but for all I care, this event/show is so much fun!

And it's free.


Or more likely they'll accept no matter how much you give them, when the show starts there'll be a box rolling for you to put your money to, and no, they won't hate you even if you don't put any, they won't know and care that much anyway.

If you come here to my city and decide to make me your guest, I will make sure you come to this show at least once. 


It's a crowded crowd. Which I love, even if I come alone, I will find my friends there (not that I ever come there alone, though).

Basically all we have is some bands having their jam session, having fun and all. They're practicing and they share it with us. I love how sometimes even the singer doesn't remember the lyrics of the song and just go nah-nah-nah... and a view of the vocalist holding their cellphone while singing is a common view, why, you ask? Well.. they're looking at the lyric via google! :D


It's not a huge gig, but it's a crowded one. With the MCs being so friendly and crazy, although I think you won't understand since they speak fully Indonesian. The MCs, they're not only MCs but also part of the bands. One play sax, another is a vocalist and the other is a.. drummer, I guess? (I kinda forgot, sorry!)

Every once a month they'll have a themed performance, the newest one was yesterday, they sang The Beatles' and I have to say I pouted all night because I couldn't go there, blame the exam! I've been waiting for them to cover Beatles for so long and when they finally did, I couldn't go? What kind of torture is it??? *cries in the corner*

See the crowd?

So I'll leave this post with a little glimpe of the show, make sure to contact me when you wanted to go there ;)

They sang "Yogyakarta", which is actually the name of this city. I love how the crowd sang with them, and how they did stand up when the vocalist asked them to. I love everything about this city, to its little bits.

Anyway, I can smell giveaway coming up this blog really soon, who's excited? raise your hands! :D


  1. no wonder you're so creative. it's because you're surrounded with creative people yourself. it sounds so much fun to live there!

  2. I love that first photo.

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  3. That sounds like such a fun event to go to! I love cities that inspire you and feed your creativity rather than drain them, and that's awesome that you live in one!

    Annnnnd *RAISES HAND* :D

  4. It's really yummy! you should try and make it too ! :D have a good day tiara!


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