Apr 23, 2009

Thousand Islands

No, the title has nothing to do with this post, neither did the picture above, lmfao. I just wanted to put it up there :P

I was away from the blogsphere once again this week, it’s not that I wanted to, there was something wrong with my internet connection that I couldn’t get online, thanks God now I can :D. It was pretty annoying for the internet to off just when I finally finished with all those crappy/creepy exams.

So to vent my annoy, I rented DVDs, nine of them, lmfao. It was almost like I’m having a broken heart, you know, Gilmore Girls, when Rory broke up with Dean (was it Dean or something else?) she ate a lot of pizza and chocolate in her room, watched plenty of movies, and finally cried her heart out. I did ate a lot while I watched the movies, so… maybe I was pretty broken heart not to be able to see you guys :P

Oh, but I didn’t cry my heart out.

I rented some old films yesterday, not that old like Grease but still old. One of it was August Rush, lol. Seriously, this film is selling dreams and miracles but heck! I love music like I love myself and so I fell in love with this film instantly. Besides, who can resist the hotness of Jonathan Chrys Meyers and his sexy voice when he sings (at least in this film, I don’t really know if he’s really a singer or not)?

I just feel like rambling today, so blame me for no focus in this post, lol. I actually do have some planned post in mind, but oh well, I need to ramble and say I miss you all guys!


  1. Hey sweetie welcome back! I remember not having internet for a week. It made me very cranky. I can't live without blogging and stalking blogs. hehehe

  2. I thought it was your CAR LOL
    Welcome back we all missing you :)

  3. I like August Rush, and old movies in general. Even Grease, the sequel sucks though :P

  4. Hello darling - you've been awarded! Pick it up at my blog ^_^

  5. Mel: Haha, yeah! I was almost crazy and it was only two days! Urgh! How can I be this addicted to something? :(

    Anya: Haha... I wish it were, at least be one of my collection, it looks so vintage!

    insomniaclolita: Yeah, you know, sequel always does...

    D*: Thank you!!! :D


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