Apr 14, 2009

Six little things :)

Mel, a very friendly blogger friend of mine, who always have an interesting ways to put his thought into a writing, and who is so kind to pay a visit here every time I update, and the one whom I promised to make a layout to (really Mel, I’m going to make one for you, after this hell-ish exam week) gave me this Meme to do.

The rule is,

And now with the Meme called 6 Unimportant Things That Makes You Happy.
The rules are:

1. Mention the person who nominated you.
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 blogs, state the rules, and notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Now, it’s not that easy people, really. I mean, come on! How can something that makes you happy be not important?

But here goes my list:

1.) A geeky villain; Gabriel Gray aka Sylar from Heroes

gg14 gg39

I really had to think million times before finally I wrote his name down here. For you who doesn’t watch Heroes, you must, really, for the sake of this super gorgeous villain. Basically, I always loves something evil more than the goodie-good.

While the other thinks that he’s a geeky watchmaker turns out to be a villain; he looks more like a super handsome Clark Kent for me ;P

2.) Make up

While I actually am a girly girl, most of the times I appeared quite boyish, I don’t know why. However, doing fun make up always brightens up my days! My make up kit isn’t all that hype, though. I need only a foundation, compact and loose powder, lip balm (if I really remember), blush on and eyeliner, that’s all. I’m not really a pro on using a mascara, but I’m still trying ;).

3.) Dances

Both doing it and watch someone do it. I don’t care what kind of dance; traditional, hip-hop, contemporaries, whatever, I just love a rhymed movements :D

4.) Blogging

Actually, I’ve been blogging for two years, or maybe more. And when I observed, I found out that I changed blog whenever I had a broken heart, so now let’s hope that I won’t suffer from a broken heart again, or that I won’t be too childish to change my blog address when I’m having my heart broken, lol.

Trivial one, I am actually managing three blogs right now, and one website which I’ve abandoned since last year :(. The blogs are this little tiara, where I am currently and hopefully will always be committed to, esjeruknipis, that I created last year, it’s in Indonesian, the stories are more or less the same with the stories I wrote here, except for the fact that I kind of abandoned it since… umm, few months ago. The third is tiara1603, it’s an old blog which turned out to be the place where I wrote all my assignments, the recent one are in French, and I’ve stopped writing here since forever.

5.) Photoshop

I’m all about art, I mean, I can’t live a single day without music, I love watching someone dances, and I participated (and won) some drawing competitions back then when I was younger, lol. My past is brighter I guess. And photoshop is total love, I really enjoy taking pictures, and I enjoy more the time when I can edit the picture, make it brighter, playing around with scales and colors. Oh I love photoshop.

6.) Kristen Bell


I never really like an actress before, but then I saw her on Heroes as Elle, and I fell for her, totally fell for her. I love her petite figure, and her shiny blonde hair, and the SylarElle ship! Oh, it made my day. So my live is revolving too much around Heroes I guess.

For I am in a good mood today, except for the fact that I haven’t started doing my paper due Monday yet, I’ll share my happiness with you, naw, I think it’s just mine.

Yep, Kbell + Zachary Quinto, oh how I wish to see more of them! SylarElle rocks my socks!

Just tell me, how can you not adore this adorable couple?

And now, I tag these wonderful people:!


  1. awww thanks for all the nice things you said about me. you're such a sweetie pie. =)
    OMG! Sylar is sooooooooooo evil. I'm addicted to Heroes.Are you updated? Kirsten Bell rocks! looks like we have something in common. =) By the way, know of any good sites where I can download photoshop?

  2. Hi, little tiara! I've found my name in your list above. Is there any thing that I'm supposed to reply? By the way, I love the image of your blog heading! That's really cute. You drew it, right?

  3. photoshop is amazing. oh the things that it can do!

  4. Oh! I'm addicted to Heroes too. I used to hate Sylar, but his evil is growing on me. haha.

    So now am I supposed to do the list too? I suppose if I put it on my blog, all of my things that make me happy will have to be about food!

  5. I see you love Heroes! My friend was a background extra on that show, and the guy who plays Hiro's friend (I think his name is Ando?), goes to the church I used to go to in California.

  6. Argh! I've answered all the comments but then my internet gone wrong and it disappeared! :(

    Mel: Those are no sweet talk, really, you're just too sweet ;D and about the photoshop, I got it instantly when I bought my lappy, but maybe you can download it in or, only a trial version for 30 days, though. Or maybe you can download GIMP, just look for it in google, it's free and pretty much like photoshop :D

    Photojoy: Yeah, all you need to do is only to put all those six unimportant things that makes you happy in your blog and tag six people for it :D

    Constructive attitude: Thank you for coming :D be back for more ;) and yeah, photoshop is simply love :D

    Blair: Let me guess, you love Peter, right? Since he's the good guy, and cute too, lol. And yep yep, put the list on your blog, it's okay to put all food list, lol xD

    Tina: Haha, I know you do ;) I mean, who doesn't? lol.

    Dionne: Oh, yeah I DO! At least until the half of the third season. And woots! Your friend! Your friend was a background ex* he was my favorite supporting character! ;D


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