Apr 20, 2009

Library madness

Sometimes I come to the library to read and borrow a book or two, but that happen really rarely, lol. Most of the time, I came to the library to rest, you know, library=AC+Serenity=Sleep, lol. Living in a tropical country can be really sucks, at times, it’s over 34 Celsius everyday, I often believe that the heat could kill me someday, but dear good lord, please don’t :( so library can be a real life saver, sometimes.

And this is my report of the most recent time me and my friends visited the Library, enjoy!

We found out that the library has a lot of book in it, and they’re colorful too! Although sometimes, –okay, most of the time- I can’t understand what the books are talking about.

So we decided to spend more time to had fun with this colorful books…

I know, I look confused. How can I not? I can’t read the book! Anyone can tell me why?

So I was looking for the trouble maker inside the book, wait! My book changed color! How scary that is? LOL.

Maybe if I read it this way I can understand more…

Or maybe this way? At least I looked smart, no? Two books!

I am naturally playful, and I love to play anywhere. Oh, even library can be my playground :P


  1. Can you send the sun to me :))))))))))))
    Its cold here !!!!

  2. Ahahahaha...you're too cute! I love going to the library to catch up on my sleep! hahahaha

  3. P.S. I have an award for you down at my blog. =)

  4. these photos are so cute!! your girls are so sweet :)

  5. Oh, I love seeing you girls in the pictures.
    Yes, a library can be the best place to get some sleep. It is so quiet and no one won't disturb you and harm you. I used to end up getting some sleep as well.

  6. GIRLS! Oh, finally I can connect to the internet again! Thanks dear lord! LOL

    Anya: Haha, you can take as much as you want, really! Okay, not that much, mabe we can split the heat into two so it wouldn't be so hot here and too cold there, it'll be a perfect warmth! :)

    Mel: Haha, thanks! I love library! I mean, to sleep... lol.

    TIna: Haha... Thank you! :D we got bored and ta-daah! Oh we found something else to do ;D

    photojoy: So that's not only me huh? Who enjoys library as a place to sleep? ;P it's juts too perfect, lol, I think.


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