May 1, 2009

Envy me. Envy me. Envy me.

I’m gonna make you all soooo envy of me! :P Look what I have here!

So, I’m on my last year of Uni right now, and in Indonesia, it means, other than making umm… what is that? Something like thesis, I don’t know what it’s called in English (or too lazy to work my brain out to recall), we also have to work, call it, for the country (holy!), the program named KKN. I don’t really want to talk about it, to shorten it, the definition is to live for two months in a village, do some programs there and blah blah like that.

I know, I don’t seem so enthusiast, but I DO! Because LOOK! This is the place where I will spend my two months, July-August.

KKN 404 


KKN 297

KKN 179


v bfdgn


Isn’t that place BEAUTIFUL? I can learn to play gamelan (for free!), and there’s a lake, and of course the green rice field, and those ducks! LOL.

And IF! (I said IF, okay?) there’s something gone really wrong and I can’t spend my July-August there, I have the Plan B already, guess what?


Yep, I’m gonna go to Bali with my friends :D how good is that sound? Honestly, that sounds reaaaaally good for my ear ;D.

Too good, actually :D


  1. Sounds great! Now I've learned about two years that univ. students in Indonesia have to spend in a local town. You'll have a chance to know your own country much more closely. Nice program. By the way I visited your country on our honeymoon long time ago starting from Jakarta to Yog Jakarta and Bali. Each city has its own culture and I have a wonderful memory of your country.

  2. It looks Great waaaaaaaaaaw
    You are a lucky girl :)
    Lovely shots you let see us, Its Beautiful in your country :))

  3. Envy? Check.


    Glad you found my blog!! You have an adorableee blog here too my dear. Love your pics!

  4. OMG! That place looks awesome! I do envy you now! hehehehe

  5. wow, i'm very jelous (:

  6. You're so cultural and that's super great :)

  7. photojoy: Wow! You've visited my city? Great! And you loved it, right? :D yeah, the culture is so very strong here, and maybe that's why I love it so much.

    Anya: I believe I am! :D Haha... I'm just in love with my country currently, everything is just so beautiful here, if you see it from the right perspective :)

    jlc: Yeah! I was glad I found your blog :D and thank you for paying a visit here :)

    Mel: Yeah, you just have to envy me :P I can't wait to spend my weekends there. Okay, it may not will be as fun as it sounds now but I'll try to enjoy it ;)

    jezz: Thank you for coming here! :D and now I am glad to know that you're jealous :P you should pay a visit to Indonesia someday

    Andhari: Haha, considering myself as a student of 'the faculty of cultural studies' I should love culture and being cultural :D haha...

  8. Oh my gosh its beautiful!!...i'd love to go there...

    Thankyou for the lovely comment :) teachers are very irritating sometimes, but most of the ones at my school are alrite :)


  9. Have FUN in Bali :)
    When are you going ??

  10. i'l swap writting for a dissertation for two months in that place anyday!! hope you'll have fun there :)

    i'm also in my last year, graduating in one month!! but since i'm a maths student, no dissertation for me :)

  11. I am officially jealous. That looks amazing, what a great time you will have! ANd look at that line of ducks waddling along - how precious!

  12. Laura Marie: haha, yeah, the place is just so beautiful! Although we will have to 'work' there, it won't be a huge problem, I think ;) at least we can take some refreshing pictures when we start to get bored :P

    Anya: Yeay! We're planning to go there at the end of June, I hope nothing happens so we can really go there :D

    Tina: you're a math student?! Gosh! I'll be totally dead if I were you, lol. No maths working for me except when it comes down to the money and business things, haha...

    Dionne: You should be jealous :P and yeah! Those ducks are cute! Haha... And I'll get to see them everyday when I am there next July

  13. WOW!! How amazing!! I'm totally envious!!


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