May 8, 2009

My paper cranes can fly!

Life is hectic! But also very wonderful :D and I am glad that I can really enjoy this every little bits of it :)

The ‘ONE HOPE: 1000 Paper cranes’ project is still going on and strong :) I hope more people will participate. I myself, actually, before this project had even started have already 200++ paper cranes, I do it when I need time to be alone, just sit down and thinking, my hands can’t stop doing something so I’ll just grab my origami paper and make some paper cranes, it’s a kind of therapy for me.

By the way, I took some pictures of my paper crane yesterday. I even made a banner!

I used no string, really! I used stick, and edited it in photoshop, you know, it’s pretty tiring to hold up a stick while trying to take a picture of the object stick on it, lol. In the end my brother helped me holding the stick.

A rather simple shot, but I love the color! My marble floor looks even more beautiful in this photo, and the shadow part is my favorite :D

I didn’t use stick, I hold this paper crane up, lol. And it’s way more tiring, haha… but I love the color of the sky above :D

Once again, stick and photoshopped, and cropped, well…

Which one of these pictures is your favorite? I need to pick one and send it to Nanette, but I just can’t choose! None is good enough! *hufft…

The banner:

onehopeproject I did only cropped and gave a little touch up, the shot was taken by Nanette herself, sure she’s way more skilled than me, haha…


  1. first two shots are awesome!

  2. Lovely shots !!!
    Have a nice weekend and
    succes with you flying crane's :)

  3. These cranes are so pretty, and I love the banner you made! It's just gorgeous!

  4. Here is a link to a site where my first crane for the project is uploaded.

  5. Great project! I was at My Hodgepodge Blog & found out more about it... Best of luck & enjoy the whole process! ~Blessings*

  6. Hi! I've sent out five pictures to your e-mail address. Go and check it, will you?
    I have three more friends who are willing to make origami cranes. Good news!

  7. Oh we did something like this at my school senior year it was so much fun and for such a good cause!

  8. the project sounds amazing! i'll def make mine when my exam finishes :)


  9. Yay girls!
    Namine: Haha, thank you :D and just so you know, the first pic was a featured photo in buzznet! *dances

    Anya: Hee... thank you :D and thank you so much for the crane pic you emailed me:D

    Dionne: Wew! All I did was just crop it, the shot is lovely itself :)

    photojoy: thank you so much! You're really a great help! :D thank you for promoting this project on your blog(s) too :D and yep! I've received your emails.

    Lenorenevermore: Yay! Thank you for the blessing! *crossing fingers

    Emz: You can make one? Haha, not really many people can do this because it seems pretty complicated :D

    Tina: Yay! I can't wait to see yours! :D

  10. hey there! just a quick note to let you know i am still alive, sorry i suck at comments lately! anyways. these are some great photos! love them! i'll try to catch up on your blog soon! :P


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