May 21, 2009

The Paper Cranes Project reportage

I was away from the blogsphere for quite a while no? Life has been pretty stressful, or even if it doesn’t, still, I was stressed, lol. And as I’ve promised you, in this post I’ll report how the paper cranes project is going on.

I’m so happy with the result, a lot of people send their paper cranes picture to me during these two weeks. They even ask their friends and collagues to fold one :D. And it’s so wonderful how I can get more friends from this project, those who kindly fold a paper cranes even without knowing who I am first, thank you so much dears!

Me and Nanette works online separately, she’s working more on Buzznet and me, well.. blog and facebook :D and sorry that I’m not really sure how much is it in total, but in my side, I’ve collected about 40 paper cranes pictures, thank you so much! Isn’t it wonderful?

It’s really great to know how someone learn to make a paper cranes because of this project, hehe…

I should really make a thank you list, but pardon me for being too lazy to do that hyperlink things :( I’ll do it later, maybe when we reached 100? Hehe…

wow, 1000 is a long way!


  1. can I send mine? how? should we meet somewhere to hand them to you? :)

  2. dear my lovely tiara,
    thank you for your helps and because of that this project has been OURS to go through. :)
    this has been a wonderful journey to wait those links of photos people gave us. and by that, 1000 is a long way, indeed it is. but as we try and hope for better, it reaches out many great photos sent. :)

    thank you all,
    Tiara and me

    please send me those photos links that i haven't uploaded to my buzznet page. thank you :)

  3. These all look fabulous! So pretty and delicate! I love them!

  4. awww...that's great! i'm glad your paper crane project is successful. If only I knew how to make papercranes I would send you some too. =)

  5. Gratulations the crane project is A Succes )
    I'am sooooooo happy to hear that :)

  6. Such a great concept to put everyone together, girlie. Those are some pretty papercranes :)

  7. I love making paper cranes! we did this at my high school once too =)

  8. that's an amazing idea ^^ i will make one when i have time xD

  9. It was so nice to know that your project is making a progress. My friends will be surely happy to see all these photos you've kindly uploaded. By the way I have some cranes that my friends made. I'm going to send you as soon as I took each picture.

  10. What is this paper cranes project for?
    I started a 10,000 Cranes Challenge to raise money for a charity, and we tried to fold as many cranes as we could for $1, but I think we only managed around 500 or so.

  11. Paper cranes! I've always wanted to make paper cranes, but I'm not "skillful" enough. haha.

    Nice blog!

  12. Thank you for your comments and supports :D they brighten up my day!

    Rad: are you asking me to go on a date with you? :P what about watching 'night at the museum 2'? lol.

    Nanette: Of course dear! It always feels good to be able to help :) and thanks God we have this thing named internet :)

    Dionne: Yeaahhh!!! They're just sp pretty, some even send us cranes made of colorful papers, they just know how to make me smile :)

    Mel: it's not that hard actually :) and I've linked a website to learn how to make it in the previous post :D

    Anya: yay! Yes it is! Not success as if 1000 paper cranes yet, though. But yes! I love to see how it's progressing, and thank you that you did send a paper crane pic too

    Andhari: Haha... yeah, it surprised me how people I don't even know helped and donated some paper cranes picture, it makes me feel, somewhat, special :)

    Emz: Really? You do? Me too! Haha... I make paper cranes whenever I have to refresh my mind, it really helps :)

    Ani: Thank you for your compliment and your support :) can't wait to receive one (or more) from you :D

    Photojoy: you donated the most paper cranes picture (you and your friends, of course). It's so nice to have a friends like you all :D send my greetings to them :D

    SassyGirl: as I've explained in the paper crane post, well... this is to support WWF Indonesia go saving the rain forest :)

    Jessica: thank you for coming and the compliment too! :D


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