May 5, 2009

A short update, I'm hyper! SUGAR!

My daddy bought me the oh so wanted Wacom Bamboo small today! So pardon me for being away, have a new shiny toy :P

Me and my friends are still on the way of planning about backpacking to Bali, how FUN is that sounds? I am totally looking forward to it! Going to Bali is one thing, backpacking with my friends is another thing! YAY!

And the best friend (remember him?) said that he might join *prays hard

I shopped with my brother yesterday, that was fun, haha!

the upcoming post, I'll talk about: one hope project, remind me of it, please :D

now, I'm off to have some more fun with the new and shiny and ... whatever, WACOM BAMBOO FUN!


  1. Wacom Bamboo!!! Yeah! You've got a new toy! I know how you feel and I won't blame you if you stay up late tonight. Have fun! and show it to me in the blog.

  2. WOW! Have fun with your new toy! And Bali?! What a great trip!

  3. Backpacking to Bali? Woooooow I never did that, how are you gonna do that? A little road trip or plane rides? Where are you going to stay? Sounds like an adventure.

  4. Hi
    What nice that you have shopping with your brother :))
    I have also one brother but we have not shopping together, never !!
    Have a lot of fun with your new TOY ^___^

  5. Wow! Thanks guys for the exciting comments :D

    photojoy: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I stayed up late last night, lol. I promise I'll show you all one day, my first one is definitely not the best one, haha...

    Matt: Yeah! I had a lot of fun! :D and yep! Bali! Haha...

    Andhari: Yeah! We're going to do some little adventure, road trip, of course, haha... plane rides isn't so backpack, haha... we'll take train, then ship, and finally bus. We have about 5 girls and 15++ boys involved, so when I get tired, I can always ask them to piggyback me :P

    Anya: yeah, and actually he accompanied me bought some underwear, lmfao! I screw him! Haha...

  6. Backpacking trip sounds amazing. Shopping with your brother? How cool!!! Going shopping with my brother is not fun at all. hehehehe


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