May 11, 2009


It’s so fun to take random pictures of someone without their consent, it looks more natural, you know? And sometimes I am annoyed with myself who is not really a good candid material, being a camwhore as I am, I always knows whenever there’s a camera or two pointing at me, I always knows it, looks at it and makes it less natural :(

My friend Shella (who rather be called ‘Tse’) is a really good candid ‘model’ material (how can one be a candid model? Lol). So last time we went to the library (again), I (or was it my friend?) took some candid pictures of each of us.

She read a book really seriously and this was no act, up till now she still doesn’t know that she was being photographed, lol.

And on the contrary, I can tell that she knows nothing about this book, really, she was just bored and found something fun to do.

They’re bored, you can see it. LOL. Library is boring, sometimes.

When  boredom strikes, cell phones always have more interesting things in it, no? She finally found something too.

  It looks like we were on a serious conversation, right?

And her face said, “What the…” to my side, lol. What did I say?

And the ‘serious’ conversation turned out to be a jokes, hope we didn’t make too many noises that time.

Save the best for last, It’s Shella again, Ah! I really love this picture, there’s something beautiful about it, I mean, look at her expression!

only one  me, basically because it was my camera, and when someone took a pic, as I’ve told you, I looked at the camera, no success. lol


  1. Awww... I'm not good at candid either...I always know when there's a camera ready to snap a shot of me. lols

  2. And if you glace to the last picture she kinda lookslike nichole richie. Just glance, really. With the bangs and the eyes.

  3. last picture is wonderful. She's a beautiful girl!


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