Apr 28, 2011


Gracious goodness! No matter how many times I think about it, it will still sound so crazy for me to do: taking my master. I took business management for my master and entrepreneurship as my major.

I am never a fan of studying, really. I hate being in a class listening to what the teacher says and noted them all down. I love experiencing more, "learning by doing" must be one of my favorite phrases along with thousand others.

Surprisingly, thinking about taking my master makes me giddy. In which I thought I must've gone mad already. It's scary, meeting new people with different background who I believe are far more experienced than me in doing business. That, also makes me impatient, I can't wait to figure out how many new friends I can make, and who are they.

I spent some nights thinking if I really did choose the right thing for me, of course I don't know if it does. But learning from what had happened in life, it must be the right path. Well... I don't think we've ever chose a wrong path anyway.

The thoughts of being in a class thrills me, in a good way. It's been long since the last time I did that. While I know there will be like tons of papers to do, I seriously (surprisingly) excited about studying again.

Classes officially starts next week (may 2nd) but tomorrow there will be gathering. I think it'll be fun, wish me luck! :D


  1. Whoa, your masters starts so soon! That's good that the thought makes you giddy, I hope that lasts all the way through :) The Boy is close to finishing his Masters and I can tell it's taken a toll on him in that he hasn't slept properly in about two months, but I hope it's not as busy for you and that you really really enjoy it! <3

  2. Good luck Tiara! i know you'll be a great entrepreneur, just like what i'm dreaming. i think it's going to be prepare for everything! :)

  3. Wow, good luck Tiara! I salute you and your wanting to further your studies! I'll be waiting for your stories, mmmkay? =)


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