Apr 6, 2011

Me and My Drawing

This may not be important to you, but well… I want to talk about it anyways… heheh…

I still can’t believe that I really am doing what I love to do as the way to earn money. Really, it seems pretty surreal to do things I love and get paid for that. Yes, drawing it is.

So in this post I’ll tell you more about me and this particular hobby of mine.

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I am a Pisces; intuitive, helpless romantic, imaginative and most of all, creative –that’s what they say about Pisces. I love singing and dancing and of course, drawing. My old notebooks and diaries were filled with drawings, ugly ones I can say, haha… but drawings nonetheless. I remember made a messy drawing in my mother’s book, at that time, in my mind I was making a map, the world map. Looking at it now, though, I can’t really see any map there, lol. It’s just a picture of messy lines.

I am glad my parents never scolded me for drawing everywhere. Which is a good thing :D I keep drawing and drawing without any knowledge how to do it properly. Wait, there is this complicated rule in art I figured; there’s no proper knowledge when talking about art, all we have to do when doing art is to follow our hearts and let it takes the lead. But I also found that there are some basic knowledge it’d be better for us to know.

I must be one of the luckiest girl around.

When I was in 4th grade, I’ve moved for the 4th time. I found a friend, one who knows how to draw, we made a really great relationship, and one day she taught me how to draw, I discovered gradation of colors, I discovered techniques, and I am so thankful for it. I started joining drawing competitions every week, won some of them, and my parents couldn’t be more proud seeing that little by little I filled my room with trophies.

Growing older, I stepped into the teenage life. Junior high and High school passed less artistically. I cared more about boys and did less drawing, I learned more about love and joined less competitions. I was busy discovering the new world I was in, and left my hobby behind. It stayed with me, though. Whenever I felt an overflowing feelings, I would draw, or write. I draw more when I was bored, during the lesson or after a test (I usually finished exam faster than my friends –doesn’t mean I got better result, I just got bored too easily, lololol).

So you see, I kinda drifted away, but it stays faithfully with me.


Everything started all over again when I was in university and started blogging again. I adored people who show off their drawing talents on their blogs (still do now), but I never really did something about it. It took a boring class, facebook and blog. I draw random stuff during a boring class, colored it on my computer using my mouse (not a mouse pen yet, which is hella tiring). Pretty satisfied with how it turned out, I uploaded it on facebook and blog. The response was all positive and it was (kinda) surprising, which boosted up my confidence.

After long consideration and little more ensuring words from my friends, I then decided to ask my daddy dear to buy my the wanted mouse pen; wacom bamboo. I paid half of it, I saved my pocket money, and I was so proud of it.

There, the journey was officially started.


  1. You already know this but I AM SO PROUD OF YOU TIARA! :) It definitely IS a great feeling to be able to do what you love and get paid for it huh? Keep doing what you're doing because you've got an amazing talent - everyone i've shown your work to here has LOVED it and they are excited about the little project i asked you about. hehe! (let's keep it a surprise for the bloggy world) ;)

  2. you're lucky to have parents supportive of your creativity. my dad decided that it was a total waste of time, it was "fine" as a hobby but not more. fast forward a decade and here i am, stuck with creative juices but v.v. basic skills! as a result my art never quite ends up the way i visualise and imagine it to be lol!!!

  3. those drawings look simple and yet i know, very difficult to produce. i dont even want to try because i know its gonna be pointless. lol.

    because im not as creative as you!! =D

  4. I love this post! I feel that I'm in the same boat - working towards my dream. It's so inspiring to hear about other people pursuing their passions!

  5. I wish I know how to draw but all I can manage are squiggly lines :D I'm glad you've nourished the talent and skill, Tiara! I love you and I am proud of youuuuu! ♥

  6. i love your creations! hahaha! i SWEAR... when i was a kid, i would always look at pictures in my books and wish that i could be in that picture just because it looked so artsy and cute. and then i never saw art like that ever again UNTIL i saw your drawings! and i was like... CHILDHOOD!!! LOL! so... i waited for you to open up your shop... and it did take a while but it was worth the wait :D

    Anyway.. your parents are so nice to be so supportve of you! and do you still talk to that girl who taught you techniques in drawing?

  7. Nice pics!

  8. OMG! I read it with several tissues and sooo glad your journey continues with drawing! Keep it up!


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