Oct 12, 2011

pretty windows

 I love huge windows that I can stare to on my boring day, a nice view would be a bonus.

Look at how huge the window is, I really love this room, I think I can just sit there all day, reading or just staring through the windows. I mean, with such pretty scenery out there, I wouldn't mind. And look at the lamps! :)

[photo via cococozy]

and it would be so nice to have a window with sea view!
[photo via weheartit]

or a small windows and a secret hideout to ponder and wonder and read and (maybe) falling asleep on.
[photo via weheartit]


  1. LOL that's it?!? too short for a blog post! just kidding!

    first pic was not a window... it's called a big square hole! :))! jk

  2. oh I LOVE massive windows and TONS of sunshine!

  3. @Rad: I knooowww that this is waay too short, but I just need to post about something and there's nothing much I can say :|

    @Namine: Yesss.. although at night I think it'd be pretty creepy, or maybe it's just me and my imagination running wild :|

  4. You pretty much posted my three favourite windows -- wide, wide ones with plenty to see, one that lets you see the sea (teehee) and a reading nook. I also ADORE bay windows. Ahhh, I love fantasizing about future homes lol. Hope you're doing a-OK <3


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