Oct 31, 2011

wide legged pants

I'm all into wide legged pants lately, and skirts, yes maxi skirts... not sure if it's the trend now but I find myself loving to wear one (or two, or three) hahaha... anyway, it's kinda cute how when I wore them to campus and my friends praised it, lol... I know it looks funny on me (maybe it makes me kinda shorter? not sure, lol) but I love how comfy they are :D

I've been wanting to make outfit posts lately, just for the hell of it. But it's either the camera nowhere to be found (read: I'm too lay to pick it) or I don't really have time to.. because of course I look best after bathe in the morning, but a 7 o'clock class give me not so much time to do fancy things before I have to rush and make some hardcore acrobat on the street. lol.

Anyway, here's what I'm talking about.

isn't it lovely? I love the color too! I'm all kind of pastel girl anyway... hahaha...

and it's all claradevi's fault that I stumbled upon this lovely shop {love, bonito} and found what I was looking for! Oh my... payday is coming closer but heck... I've already planned on buying so many things... I'm gonna pray harder for more money then, hahahaha...

lovely! right? I love the color. This Detroit Flare Pants is also available in cream and black.

It's orange! It's plaited! It's a pants! It's making me droooooools... lollololol...
Panama Pants coming in more colors (which are lovely and I'm having hard time choosing); burnt orange, dusty pink, teal, mustard, and black.

This is an unpaid post, purely my needs talking. Hahaha... picture credits belonged solely to the owner of love, bonito. :D


  1. hard choice hehe.. it looks really comfyyyy though :D buy them all hehe :D

  2. I can't use them... I'm shorty and chubby to top... but that's allright as I was already born on the 70's and can't say I care for that fashion revival. The second picture could me consider this policy though - so many feminility and delicacy in the look :love:

  3. so u need to bleach your hair and skin! :D

  4. i am loving the first pair. they are cute and i am loving the color


  5. Ohhh I love that style! Looks so comfy. I just wish I could pull it off! I'd love to see you wearing 'em, I'm sure you look b-e-a-utiful :)

  6. I LOVE BAGGY Pants! These are awesome love the first one best.

  7. It's GIRLY! And soooo you! I like it, I wonder if I can pull it off.

    Ps. DUDE. I LOL'ed like crazy reading your comment. Well my boy kinda tamed me down alright. HAHA.

  8. I'm soooooo into these things as well. I'm planning to put on a similar ensemble one of these days. I hope I can pull it off. I'm a bit apprehensive cos I have this thought that it would look good on tall and leggy girls only?


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