Nov 2, 2011

childhood heroines

I grew up in a society where TV was the only entertainment, internet wasn't so popular, and kids love to sit together in front of the television to watch cartoons. Every sunday there would be cartoons all day, or at least from the time kids usually woke up (which is early, I remember) until midday. I believe the international heroes and heroines more or less are the same in every country.

There was Sailormoon, Doraemon, Powepuff girls, and nickelodeon's series which I love very much. Now tell me if any of you are 90's kids and not knowing one of the characters said above, I say you should go rent the movies before it's too late. It's about your childhood we're talking about! Haha...

I can't compare avatar - the legend of Aang to Saint Seiya (which was one very cool story about cool heroes) or Dragon Ball, not even spongebob to Tom and Jerry, although I do love spongebon too.

Anyway, here's me randomly talking about my favorite characters in some cartoon series:

1. Sailor Venus (from Sailormoon)

Yes, Sailor Venus instead of Sailor Moon. I've never really like Usagi (Bunny) enough. She was clumsy and kind of stupid and I don't get why people have to protect her every time and I can't even understand why was she the queen and princess (lol, weird, I know) instead of the others. And she got the guy, and the others aren't, which is unfair because they didn't have time to fall in love being busy to protect the princess (urgh..). And the fact that basically I never really like main heroines who got all the spotlight in anything. 

I guess I'd get some rotten tomatoes thrown at me by some Sailor Moon fans, lol.

Anyway, Sailor Venus is the leader of the Senshi (guardian, I guess), a Senshi of Love (yes, venus explains that much). And Aino Minako is an idol, or at least a girl obsessed with idols. Being the leader she's most responsible. The time she appeared for the first time people thought she was the princess, because she disguised herself as so in order to protect the real princess.

Told you, she's so cool.

The series itself, I don't remember the ending. It has so many characters in it and the stories grew complicated with time, not to mention some gender confusion (like there was one really cool guy who is in fact one of the Senshi and was a girl). But Sailormoon was a big part of my childhood, as I remember waking up early to watch every episodes on sunday morning. :D

2. Helga Pataki (from Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!)

She's rude, she's cool, she's wild, she's not that pretty, she's secretly in love with Arnold but will never have the courage to say so, she's just the kind of heroines I like!

I feel that she's a mirror to most of the girls around, although she's a little bit too cruel, heheh... but hey! Being secretly in love is one thing we all share, no, girls? :)) That's the point.

I found her cute and contradictive. She's all kind of mean with weird tantrum, but falls so deeply in love too. She's boyish and rude but hey! She wears pink and HUGE ribbon!

I remember my favorite part of her was on some valentine's day episode where she disguised herself as one french girl and said to Arnold that the biggest gift may come in the simplest form. My young self cheered for that quote. :D

Bubble (from Powerpuff girls)

Okay, I know maybe I seem to be inconsistent. I said Sailor Moon was whiny and not cool and silly and all but then here I said I love Bubble of powerpuff girl who by all means is the crybaby, spoiled, little heroine. Yes, it must be something to do with baby blue as my favorite color. Plus, she's the cutest of all. 

Anyway I just found out that there are Japanese version of Powerpuff Girls, which, in my opinion is so very cute. You know, all the details are more detailed and of course our little heroines here being a manga-styled girls. Here's a look:

Okay, that's all folks! I just shared you some not-so important thoughts about my favorite heroines from my childhood time. Ah... good old times... not sure what little kiddos nowadays watch. Oh... the 90s rocks too much :P

who's your favorite heroine? And I want to know the answer despite your age :D haha...


  1. I love the picture of the Japanese Powerpuff girls! I might even watch that one.
    I miss Saturday morning cartoons! (we had sat's instead of sun...) it was so great. Kid shows now a days aren't as good as they use to be!

  2. i was verrrrry obsessed with sailor moon in elementary school! she kicked ass and had a cute outfit. awesome.

    helga was a favorite also--i loved that she didn't care what everyone else thought. ;D


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