Nov 3, 2011

Asagaya - cute japanese restaurant

This is a rare post as I rarely review something, but maybe I should try... I think I should take more pictures to be a good blogger, which I always forgot haha...

So yesterday my friend told me he was going to have a dinner in this newly opened Japanese restaurant, and was hesitating to go or not. In the end he did and after that he bragged me about how good it was.

Of course, me, the food lover, gotta try it out.

The restaurant look small from the outside, but actually it's bigger than we expected once we were inside and because I was too excited, me and my friend came there even before it opened, lol! But the staff was exceptionally friendly (at least before they got too busy with the customers), he told us each and every details about the restaurant.

This was how the setting of the resto:

I love the lighting set up :) it makes the ambiance warm and kind of romantic, heheh...

I like the simple details, like those paintings on the wall? Those are framed Japanese fabrics, with lovely, very-japanese patterns.

They have Japanese food in their menu (like of course) such bento box, takoyaki, and Japanese ice cream and pancake! Actually I planned to order them for dessert, turned out I was too full to even walk, lol.

Anyway, we figured that actually this is a two story building, the second story is open space with the view to the crowded street, sounds tempting but since we came there a noon we decided it would be too hot to be upstairs.

here's what I ordered; spicy ramen and pink guava juice. They're nice. The Spicy ramen isn't that spicy, pleasant to my tongue with egg and some Japanese spices I'm not sure what they called. The pink guava juice is refreshing, especially for such hot day like today.

I was so full after half bowl of the ramen (it's kinda big, yes) but it was good. My friend ordered Okonomiyaki and Iced lemon tea but because I'm such non-professional photo blogger, of course I forgot to shot hers. Oh well...

So to redeem myself, here I present yo more details of my order:

spicy ramen

Pink Guava Juice

At least now I've learnt how to take pictures and tell story about it. Seriously, I almost forgot how to do it because lately I only blogger about my thoughts. Not that  it was bad but I shall share you glimpse of my life too, I guess.

PS. I even forgot to take pictures of myself (-__-")


  1. HAHAHA that friend who introduced you to this awesome jap restaurant was me! lol

    Didn't you get the welcoming green tea?

    I also talked a bit about this restaurant and how I spent the time there in my blog.

  2. Oh this looks like a nice restaurant, Tiara! Do you think your dream cafe will look like this in the future? :)

    Damn that was such a long time. Where have you been!
    Thanks for all the heart-warming comments you gave on my previous posts <3
    We should meet up!

  4. hi,, this is the first time I coming here..
    You have such a cute blog.

    Uh and that restaurant,, looks very interesting. I love ramen too.. :)


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