Nov 4, 2011

Have a dream, make it real

Once upon a time, one of my dreams faltered, remember about the little resto I and my cousin opened for only about two weeks or so? Ah.. such bittersweet memory... But this littletiara is no quitter so no worries, I still have dreams, big dreams which include little cafery in it.

Why little cafery? Why not make it grand?

Because I am in love with little stuff (that 'little' in littletiara explains more than enough, I guess). I want to have my little cafery all over the world. So you know, it's like little invasion, you won't realize it but when you do it's already too late because you're already addicted to this little stuffs around you, and craving for more.


Anyway, I remember I've talked about this, though I am too lazy to look for the exact post. Maybe I should, later. I love doing this, planning and daydreaming; here are more details of what to guess about the little cafery...

I want everything in mini size! Seriously if I could hire oompa-loompas, I would! lol... I want to have it Alice in Wonderland themed. I want before people step in, they drink a welcome drink in a little bottle with a "drink me" tag.

I want people who enters feel bizarrely comfortable inside. I want once they're in they realize that something is wrong but not knowing what until they figured that everything is in smaller size :D yes, the chairs and tables, I want to make it as weird as possible, shall I use those chairs for kindergarten and make them more vintage-ish and charming? And wooden, I want them to be white wooden chairs.. maybe something like this but in a smaller size..

(nanny's pavilion)
YES! The chairs!

And the walls... the walls should be made of wood, recycled wood would be best. I love wood because it gives me such warm feeling, maybe it's just me, no?

(Slowpoke Espresso Cafe in Fitzroy, Australia)

and there would be sweets, your favorite sweets in so many flavors. Because I am one who gets bored easily even when eating, I tend to eat little but often. I assume most girls do (or is it just me? o.O) so instead of a plate of strawberry pancake, I'd serve five (or so) little plates of little pancakes in different taste.

and yes of course the pancakes must be mini sized, as does the other like...

mini cupcakes


right, of course mini macarons

mini waffles!

mini cakes :D

mini pancake yay!

Being the little narcissist me, of course my artwork should be everywhere on the wall, hahahaha...

Oh how fun to have it all! :D Well the plan is not yet finished and the concept is still raw, I still have times to think more about it, though. While of course saving and learning more about business.

Oh please do cross your fingers for me to have this dream come true :D


  1. Yay for dreams! And your little idea is cute! (Notice, I put in 'little' to make you happy!)

  2. will I get everything for free since we're friends? :D

  3. pasti bisa, dong :) aku yakin dengan doa dan usaha semua bs dicapai. oya, aku juga pengen banget punya cafe kecil, hehehe. good luck, ya ;)

  4. Yay! What a little funny idea.
    Go Miss Little Tiara!


  5. @DTLCT awww... thank you little pumpkin! :D I know I've said this on twitter but I missed you! *jumps*

    @Rad (-________-") not everything, definitely not everything because knowing you, you'll just come there everyday spending the day away without paying! :O and just how bad is that? you naughty little boy? lololol.. where's the prayer? Why are you asking for free stuff instead? lol

    indi: seriously a nice surprise! :D Thank you for your words and the good luck! :D

    Teresa: and I think I am inspired by your post about micro cupcakes! and yay, thank you! *catches the prayers* :D :D :D

  6. Nanny's is actually one of my favorite places to go here in Jakarta. I like the uniforms of the waiters and waittress too, you should think it up and make them as cute as the food. :)

  7. good luck dear, love your cute photos~ <3
    btw, join my pond's giveaway?:)
    Pond's clear balance giveaway

  8. I could have sworn I commented on this post but just noticed I didn't! I love love love your dreams and hope they all come true; I would definitely come to this cafe with tiny macarons and yummy treats! :) I think a lot of the best things in life start off small and then turn into amazing things! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend :)

  9. i better be invited to your cafe grand opening ;) i LOVE the concept though... mini everything! more than the food and coffee, it would be such an experience for everyone going there!!! You're so funny though... wanting to hire oompa loompahs. hahaha! your dream will come true... keep working hard!

  10. Great post! :D I love your dreams! Great blog, I follow you ;)


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