Jul 1, 2010

Of love, thesis, and water

I know you all might be bored already reading this blog according to what I write is only about: 1. My thesis, which seem to be never ending, and 2. Le Boy, which usually is overly cheesy. And surprise surprise, in this post I’ll talk about them again, booyah!

Wait, first of all, I’d love to talk about something else, I ordered this camera two days ago and now am waiting for the package to come, I hope it’s coming all the soonest because 1. I can’t wait to use it, and 2. This is the first time I ordered thing online, I hope everything will be well.

Oh, what camera you ask? Here it is! LOMO AQUA PIX.

Look at those colorful cuties!

Imagine how fun it is to have such cute camera, that can shoot pictures underwater,  without the need of battery, and at such a very low low prize (it’s only around $15-$20) it’s an all in one for me, of course I can’t resist it :D

Guess what color I ordered? Oh, me being the girly me, I choose the special edition one, it’s white :D

A14 - B A14 -A

I know you all envy me, ha-ha! Now… let’s pray for the package to come the soonest. I can’t wait! I can’t wait!

On a different note, anyone notice how messy and unstructured this post is? I think I’m losing my writing ability, been writing too much (for thesis, of course) and I’m all too tired to write even more, yes, there are more to write before I can proudly say: Yay I’m finished!

So I’ve finished the main part, but there are still more… like resume, and abstract, and things like those… that has to be done in French (oh my holy!) Which I need to finish this week, or, more accurately, today. So I can submit it in next Monday to be presented, in my final, final-est final (I know, that’s not even a word) before 10th this month.

While today is  the very day Le Boy went to Singapore, for a business vacation (yes, both of them, I believe he can’t live doing nothing and just enjoy his vacation, he’s one hyperactive little boy anyway). Problem is, neither me nor him know when will he be back here.

Kinda annoying to realize that at times like this when I need his support the most he has to go far away (and it’s for vacation! Gee! Can’t he wait a little while?), but then, that makes a weird sensation for me, my goal for now?

I want it once he comes back here, I can tell him, “Congratulations, you now have a bachelor of literature girlfriend.” in which I may add… “She’s kind of free tomorrow, so can you two go swimming tomorrow? Because now she has a very cool camera that can shoot underwater”.

ps. Okay, he went this morning and I miss him already. I think it's good.

edit: IT ARRIVED TODAY! YAY! Hahaha...


  1. i love waterproof cameras!! how exciting for you!!!

  2. Oooh, I have a lomo. Not an underwater one though. I am jealous! Be sure to post lots of underwater pics!

  3. eek! that is THE cutest camera i have ever seen. now i want one too!

  4. love the camera!! that is so cool it can shoot underwater!

  5. EEEEEEEP! That camera is SO cute! i love it! I've actually been thinking about getting a waterproof camera... not that i'll be going on any exotic beachy vacations anytime soon but a girl can dream. ;D

  6. Cute camera! I want one like that!

  7. Your camera is a darling! I want my own! :D

  8. OMG! heck yeah ienvy you right now! im having trouble with my battery right now! LOL! i hate my camera xD cept it's the one that stuck by me the most so i shouldnt say anything.

    oh but that cam is so cute and VERY cheap! take pictures and show show them here mmkay?!

  9. I should start taking pictures again.

  10. Hi! That camera is adorable and I really want one!


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