Jul 28, 2010

Why stop dreaming when you wake up?

this is a long post, with lots of Mojo jojos. If you don’t understand what I mean, read on, lol. I’ve warned you, okay? ;P


So when I was done with all the thesis related stuff next was I have to run (literally) from one campus building to another everyday to get all the graduation-related things done.

Now, it’s all finished! All I have to do is to wait until August 19th when I’d be standing proudly in a graduation ceremony (or maybe sitting quietly, whatever, lol)





I can’t tell which one makes me happier, to finally graduated from a place I’ve been studying (if I really ever do that) for almost 4 years (3 years 9 moths), to prepare myself facing the real world (which until now I still don’t know what), or to get free from any homework and have as many time as I want to spend drawing and cooking and knitting and do all those girly (I love) stuffs.

Yes, I’ve been wanting to cook/bake since forever but I couldn’t find the perfect time when thesis was still around, but now, I can cook/bake anything I want! I think I’m gonna start it off with a chocolate cake, I have strawberries, and some golden raisin, and pineapple jam, and I know I can add extra cheese to top it. I promise I’ll share once I made it ;D (not sure with the recipe, though, I think I’ll just mix ‘em all in a bowl, lol).

--and maybe some little cupcakes later, and puddings, and tarts… and… ohhh… the possibility is endless! Mwahahaha!!!

And to sew/stitch! I know I know, it’s a new hobby, but looking around etsy and blogsphere, I found so many interesting (and say, easy to do) stitched artworks, what I want to make first? It’s this lovely embroidered love note



For sure, I’d love to spend more times drawing! It’s been forever since the last time I did this fun thing! (Oh wait, I did make some doodles last night, if you can call it an artwork, lol)

biggirlsdontcrysmall michucolored copy

And it’s adorable how I put it in weheartit and 5 hours later found 20 people have hearted my artwork, I love that site! I’ll post all my artworks there and people will heart it and I’ll rule the world! Mwahahahaha…


And to read the books I’ve bought when I didn’t even have time to read anything other than someone else’s thesis, all theories-related stuff, Greimas biography, Actantial scheme and such… Now I have the time of my life I can already imagine I read myself to sleep everyday. Yayness!

And you know that book is the window of the world or something? I read a book, I rule the world! Mwahahaha…

Anyway, as I said in the previous post, nikolett gave me a very interesting award. It’s the
You're Going Places, Baby award! Thank you :)

The Rules: Describe where you think you'll be in 10 years and then pass it along to 10 other bloggers!

Fine, it’s one of my biggest dream right now, and I’ve talked about this before, but here’s a little more detailed imagination:

Ten years from now I’d be 31, at that age I’d hopefully be married to someone I dearly love, in a little cute home, with a kid or two, aged and matured but still playful and enjoy the fun side of life, would still be able to smile as much as I do right now because they say the older you get the less you will, and I won’t want my life that way.

I want to have my one little (with branches everywhere?) little cakery.

I know, cakery is not a word, I made it up, lol. But hey! Google and Googling weren’t too once!

Why little? Because I love little things! Have you ever seen so many pretty food you want to taste them all but found yourself would be too full and bloated if you do so? I got that every single time!

So I’d sell little cupcakes, little tarts, little cookies, tea in pretty little glasses, even dishes, all in little plates! everything’s are mini sized, you won’t be too full until you insist to taste them all, and you’ll be craving for more, and littletiara with her little cakery will rule the world! mwahahaahaa...


Okay, enough Mojo jojo-ing.

My paintings/artworks would be displayed everywhere in that little comfy place, you can read (my) books too, and spend as many time as you want with your friends there. (I have this dream to draw a book, remember?).

In my imagination I’d be earning bucks from my artworks and that little cakery, and my book, and… I don’t know, I want to do all the things existed in this world. Is that called greed or curiosity?

Hopefully by then I’d have met at least ten of my bloggy friends and have traveled to at least ten countries (why ten? Because it’s ten years from now, lol).

So now I’m tagging my friends? Let’s see… Sheri, Emily, Kym, Gracie, Dionne, Mariella, Mel, Namine, Elissa, and Rika

Fine, now I’m gonna start ruling the world before the powerpuff girls hear about this newly born Mojo Jojo.

Oh well, here they come… Ciao bella!

(pictures are from weheartit, pinksuedeshoe and google)


  1. your baking sounds soo yummy! Love the embroidery! Cakery sounds so exciting!! Fab Post!! Thanks for the tag!!

  2. Hueyy thanks for the tag, dear!
    Congrats for your graduation. Before jumping into the working hell life, go go traveling. Let me know when you'll come here :D

  3. Bake everything! You can do it. And it's all so fun :]

  4. Aww my little tiara, you are so adorable and I love you! :) I specifically like the artwork about how big girls don't cry :D

  5. oh em gee! girl! you make breaks look good. you're so right... the possibilities are endless. i think this summer im going to do just the same :]

    i hope you get to bake and read all the things you wanted to.

    also, im so scared of the real world too. lol. it looks ugly out there xD

  6. Congrats for the graduation! don't forget to post the pics =)

    I love the powerpuff girls! lol

    btw I gave you the versatile award on my blog check it out when you have time (",)

  7. You and I are so alike, Tiara! You know that I too love baking and little pretty things! I want to see some of your baked goodies, and you SO should open up a cakery! I am sure it would be awesome!

  8. Thanks for the tag :) I will try and get onto it very soon.

    Ah lovely food and pretty things. Definitely sounds like things I love.

    As for being friends with postman, I get different people when I'm served and I don't see the mail being delivered really.

  9. LOL love how Powerpuff Girls took over this post! And I love your answer to the 10 years from now question AND I love all the things you want to do now that you're finished! I am -SO- proud of you and you definitely deserve some rest, relaxation, and time to do whatever you want to do :) Love youuu!

  10. You know what happened when I graduated with my BA in Literature? I WAS BORED OUT OF MY MIND. I had been so busy studying for 4 years that I had no idea what to do with myself. I hated my job, I was unhappy with my relationship, and I was wondering if I had managed to keep any friendships alive in the mean time. I hope you find your path sooner than later... but it's not that simple. You had a routine and now it'll undeniably odd to find a new you. Much luck!


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