Jul 13, 2010

This Friday

It will all end this Friday, it's the time when I'm gonna do the final presentation for my thesis. I'm not sure if I'm ready enough for this upcoming event, but heck, ready or not, I have to be! So please dear readers, wish me luck! This is the last step before I can finally jump and say, "YEAH!".


And to add the nervousness (which is actually needless, because I'm prety much having cold sweats everyday now after it was announced Friday to be THE day), those professors who are going to test me are the most killer ones. means the meanest, the scariest, the eldest, the... I should stop here, before I faint here, lololol.

So here I am now, hoping and praying for everything to be okay, especially for myself. I need to remind myself to keep breathing, lol. Man! This is so tense! D:

ps. I'm sorry if you can't find me around the blogsphere these days, I'm busy taking care of myself, but I promise once it's all over, I'll get back to you babies! ;D


  1. Whoah yeah, I am sending you all the positive energy and good luck I can muster! Go show those killer professors what Little Tiara's got! I'm here cheering you on! :)

  2. I am wishing you all the best sweetie. I know you can do it. Just don't let those professors intimidate you too much. Focus and believe in yourself. Sending you lots of positive vibes!

  3. Best of luck to you! You can do it!

  4. GOOD LUCK!!! YOU'll DO fabulous!!

  5. Yay, good luck! You can do it, girl ;)

  6. I'm wishing you a lot of luck all the way from California!

    Hope all goes well!


  7. I'm trying to do waka-waka dance to support you!
    kick them all! *literaly* LOL

    c u at the very venue.
    *kiss kiss*


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