Jul 16, 2010

lovely lovely day

I did it! I finished it! And I came out alive and well! *YAY!*

What should I write here? I don't even know... lol, I've survived the final test and although there are still several things to be done (like editing all my mistakes and face those killer professors all over again) I am announced FREE!

I don't even care that the professors said my work could've been better, I have so much more important things to do once I'm freed from that obligation! One of it is to have fun and create artworks everyday! and hang out with Le Boy every now and then, and goes online as many times as I want and sha-la-la... I don't know what else but everything seems brighter and better now, haha! :P

No more thesis blocking my way to do what I want to do!

The graduation will be held in August, and I can't wait to wear the Kebaya my mother had specially ordered for me, it's dark purple and I am so much in love with the fabric once I saw it, it's not done yet but once it is, I will show it off to you guys, haha...

Anyway, I don't remember much of what happened in '
THE room' (lol), all I know is that when I stepped out of the room, I found so many of my friends sitting and said, "there she is! OMG! She survived!" (lol!), they said I spent an hour and a half with the profs and honestly, inside, it didn't feel that long, I wasn't actually nervous although there are some questions I didn't know how to answer, I pretty much enjoyed the ride, hehe...

To find my friends outside was such a nice surprise, and it gave me a really nice warm feeling :)

anyway, I spent the rest of the day (after busied myself with some academical stuffs and running around from one uni building to another) with Le Boy, of course!  A very nice way to celebrate indeed! :D

and that was just how I realized we're really weird and unlike any other couple, we bicker and mock each other and look at other guys and girls and talk about ex-s and complaining about how boring each other is and such and we got along pretty much well still.

weird couple indeed.

But I think every couple has their uniqueness, it's just that my relationship seems to be too close to the edge of weirdness, lol. I love him so very much still :)
The night ended with a silly conversation

Him (as an architect): Look! There's a new project going on there! You should ask the landlord about it!
Me: About what?
Him: You know, how wide is the land, who is the owner, have they got the permission, how long will it take to build blah blah blah... (I can't remember whatever else he was talking about)
Me: and what will I get if I do that?
Him: *thinking* hmm.... a very very nice sweet loving kiss from me
Me: Mmm... I think I can get many of it without even doing so...
Him: Shoot! You know me all too well! :O


another talk... (took place a few meter after that architectural talk) he realized that I never really say 'yes' when he offers something to give to me, honestly it's not because I don't like it or something, I just don't think it's that important. OR because what he offers is something like "can I just drop you off here?" when we were in the middle of nowhere -- this case happens more often, duh!

Him: why do you seem to say 'no' to everything? Don't tell me you will say no too to get married with me, or have family with me, or when I ask for little children...

God, thank you for giving me the most incredible boyfriend, really, Thank YOU.

Baby I love you

I never want to let you go
the more I think about
the more I want to let you know
that everything you do
is super duper cute
and I can't stand it...

(never shout never - can't stand it)


  1. CONGRATS!! YEA!!! Glad you finished!! A Kebaya looks pretty neat. I have never heard of one, but I loved the pictures I saw!

  2. Congratulations!! And kebaya's are beautiful! You must be so excited! Your friends are so awesome for waiting for you.

    And you and your boyfriend have a great relationship. Thank you for your insight! I think kissing at a later age is best. I am pretty picky about the guys I get close to (excluding that one...) so I think I am on the right track. I'm excited to meet the one who will give me that special feeling. Love the way you described it.

    Oh and I think I really want to invest in that cute little camera. Haha!

  3. Glad to know you're now really happy from top to toe. You're in love with him. How sweet! Enjoy!


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