Jul 27, 2010

minor love story

Years ago, when I was a young high school girl there was a minor love story I had…

It all started with a desk, and a piece of paper…


It was exam time, we switched classes. Someone sat in my seat, when I came back in the evening I found a poem, a really pretty poem of a heart that was breaking. I didn’t know who wrote that, but the words captured my heart, so I wrote a poem on the same paper and left it there.

The next day under my poem was another poem, a new one, I replied again, and found another poem the day after, it continued everyday during exam week.

On the last day of exam, I figured who wrote those letters, he figured who was the owner of that seat. We exchanged glances, smiled to each other and said nothing.

That was pretty much the ending of the story, we never talked to each other. Whenever we met, we smiled to each other. A silent salutation in a smile, a smile that said “how are you” and “I’m fine thank you”, a smile with silent “have a nice day” in it.

Years later, I found him on friendster (yeah, not facebook yet) and he left a comment (or testimonial?) saying… Ah, here it is, the desk owner. The one who exchanged poems with me :)

It could’ve been a pretty romantic love story. He was one of the most romantic guy I’ve ever met, his words are of poets, everything rhymed, everything beautiful, strong and captivating, swooning. But no, we stopped there, nothing more happened and I’m pretty much contented with it.

Although some nights I’d love to imagine how would it be like to have such romantic boyfriend.

Does that consider cheating? :P

Anyway, nikolett gave me a very interesting award, gotta post something about it soon.


  1. romantic. It's too bad though that it was just until exam week.

  2. Sweet :) My exboyfriend Athan used to write me letters ALL the time. Sigh. Sometimes I wish I didn't fall out of love with him. But, no use crying over spilled milk.

    I hope you're having a nice week Missy :)

  3. Very cute story. We've all got to dream sometimes. It keeps it interesting.

    I have some earrings up for grabs on my blog. Check it out!

  4. how sweet!! love to dream of things that have happened and what could have happened!!!

  5. *sigh*

    did you keep the poems? :)

  6. That is a really great story that you could write about! Seriously, very, very good idea there, think about it!

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