Feb 10, 2009

Honey, it’s olive!


Suddenly I found out that during this one month holiday I have a theme of mood every week:

week1: have fun, period.

Basically, I only had fun this first week of holiday, I went hanging out with my friends almost very weekday and had a fun family trip on the weekend ;D

week2: read and write

I did read a lot of thing in the second week, I want my holiday to be quite useful so I borrowed some books to read in the library (and I ended up finished only one out of three books, damn.) And I did write a lot too, not only blog but also stories I don’t really want you to read ;P

week3: cooking time!

Everyday is cooking day, I tried almost every recipe I found in my mom’s recipe book, internet, and even went to a bookstore to find some new dishes, turned out quite succeeded, phew.

week4: beauty and fashion

I googled a lot about make ups, beauty gossip and fashion thing. Went to a funfair and bought some pieces of new clothes and tried out some old beauty secret.

Today, while having no mommy idea (read: cook), I came out with a girl idea instead. I’ve decided; with or without boyfriend, I have to be a better girl, and I mean it.

I read some make-up tips but then I found out that I have no plan to go outside today, no make up tutorial needed today so I ended up taking care of my whole body, and because I’m a kindhearted girl, I’ll show you some of my beauty secrets ;)

1.) hair

Started with my hair, I found the recipe today, it is to apply some amount of olive oil to your hair, it’ll enhanced the growth of your hair and of course make it smoother and healthier ;) I’ve always been a fan of olive oil, but I never know that it can be useful for my hair too. After you apply it on your hair, just wash it like usual (with shampoo, of course).

I love my current shampoo because it really rehydrate my dry hair, but now I love it even better after I tried the wonderful olive oil.

2.) Lips

This recipe is famous already, with sugar and honey and lemon. No, we’re not going to make a lime squash, lol. Dry lips? Chopped lips? honey to the rescue!It’s easy, quick, cheap and works really fast! and I mean really fast!

Just crush the sugar (preferably brown sugar), put a little honey on it, and also the lemon. scrub this mixture to your lips.

The sugar is used as a scrub, and honey is well knows as “nature’s perfect food” (and I hella agree!), and the lemon is optional, but it surely will supplies you more vitamin C.

the best thing about this secret recipe is, you can even lick the sweetness! ;D

3.) Face

I never really have a problem with my skin, and I thank God for that, my mom used to tell me to apply some amount of honey (yes! It’s honey again!) to my face, after several minutes, just was it with warm water, so refreshing!

4.) Body

So basically, my secret is only about honey and olive, because I use olive body scrub to get my skin all healthy and moisturized, and I love it, and I love the fact that people love it too.

Picture of the day:


Nothing really, I just love the beauty shape of the lamp plus the rain drops. Took it when I went to … hmm… one beach I don’t really remember…

Basically, I just think it’s beautiful, that’s why ;D

PS: So I found hella lot of grammar mistakes and such, but you know how lazy I am so... bear with it xP


thank you for coming and leaving a comment! Yay! O(≧∇≦)O

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