Feb 20, 2009


10 things you wish you could say to ten different people right now.


9. I'm sorry that I don't love you as much as yesterday, and I think I love you a little less

8. Stop talking about your girlfriend, I've had enough story of you two already

7. HALO breakup is shocking, I know it is, just, sorry to hear that

6. Stop thinking dirty about every girl you see, please!

5. Yes sir, give me an A or two (or more) again this semester, please?

4. Thank you for always being there, understanding me. Let's go to F.land together!

3. Thanks for all the advices and helps, I wouldn't reach anywhere without you.

2. Can you just get her out of our house?

1. I love you. forever and ever and nothing's gonna change that. I swear, I'll love you two

9 things about yourself

9. I'm childish and everyone knows that and I love that

8. I'm sometimes smart and clever

7. I love new things and friends

6. I love talking a.lot.

5. Like a movie title, I've never been kissed, yep, up.'till.now. Would somebody just give me one, please?

4. I am a loyal lover

3. I love any kind of music

2. I love my parents and my families and my friends

1. I love darkness. Yep.

8 ways to win your heart

8. Be handsome, lol!

7. Be pocketful of money! Aww!

6. Be fun to chat with

5. Be smart

4. Be in love with my childlikeness

3. Be loyal

2. Be stronger than me

1. Be yourself

7 things that cross your mind

7. I stole some of Ling Jie's answers for the question above

6. How is it the best way to fire her? (LOL!)

5. Should I post this on fb, blog, or both?

4. Must I continue watching HEROES for the sake of the super handsome villain, Sylar?

3. I need to change the song on my player, but I'm too lazy to do it.

2. Peter and Elle

1. F.Land, money, birthday, party, skripsi, KKN

6 things you do before you go to sleep

6. Plays Solitaire on my laptop

5. Reads some Syelle stories

4. Turns off the computer

3. Reads random books

2. Turns off the light

1. Closes my eyes, imagining good things

5 people who mean a lot

I'll cheat here xP, because of course, five isn’t even close to enough!

5. Krls, the closest online friend

4. Escape crews! + Kay, they're the smarties, no, the GENIUS

3. Keluarga Cendana, (Lil miss sunshines are on it, right?), MMC (Aww, I do miss you TOO
MUCH guys!)

2. Badak, for being the best cousin and adviser and (soon) boss. Pay me more, Sir!

1. My Mom and Dad, they're ONE!

4 things you're wearing right now

4. My purple-pink Pjs (and it's almost 9AM)

3. ---

2. ---

1. Seriously, I'm only on my Pjs... LOL!

3 songs that you listen to often

3. Secondhand Serenade - Fall for you

2. Mr. Curiousity - Jason Mraz

1. F*ck you - Lili Allen (SERIOUSLY CUTE!)

2 things you want to do before you die

2. Make my parents proud of me

1. Get married

1 confession

1. I'm in love with nobody right now, so I try focusing my mind to my study and school. Let's finish it all ASAP go to F.land together!

I tag YOU! Don’t ever lie to me, lol! I know you read it. xP

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