Feb 3, 2009

iLove (part i)


I fell in love with the song the first time I heard this song, Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman, a sweet (and quite sad) song about a father whose daughter is going to marry soon. These lines had my eyes watery…

Oh I dance with Cinderella
I don't wanna miss even one song
'Cuz all too soon, the clock will strike midnight
and she'll be gone

(Steven Curtis Chapman; Cinderella)

*the whole lyric is even more touching, I swear.

That’s sweet how he calls his daughter ‘Cinderella’ and sad at the very same time how he apparently realizes that however, his Cinderella will go sooner or later, and how he can only dance with her while she is there in his arms.

And I can’t help but think on how my dear!Daddy would feel when it’s my time to marry.

I know, I’m talking about my future marriage too much.

I’ve went to a lot of wedding parties before, but the most touching of all was my aunt’s one. Maybe because I saw the rituals and I know her personally and of course, because I was already mature enough to see that when a girl is married to someone, she’s no longer her parents’, she’s her husband’s. I don’t know if it applied in other countries, but in Indonesia it does.

Knowing myself, as one spoiled little girl, I (more or less even more) always do something that annoy people around me, especially my parents, I love to talk with my dad when I clearly know that he’s damn sleepy after working all day (mostly only to get his attention, yeah. Damn me), I can talk about whatever thing I want to, which most of the time, is not so important, and the loveliest thing is that he will always gives me a respond (read: the attention I need want) to whatever subject I talk about.

With my mother (the one who is even more spoiled than me), we talk about boys, a lot. We talk about my crushes, about her ex-s, about my dad, how they met and fell for one another, and even, about handsome idol guys we saw on TV.

Until now, I spend most of my lifetime with them and honestly it’s quite hard to imagine that one day I would no longer live with them. And believe me, it’s even harder to imagine that there is someone able to look after control me better than them (read; future husband), you seriously need a GREAT imagination.

[to be continued]

I know it’s quite weird to have a continuous post, but I wrote too much about this special thing I love, so I decided to split it two.


  1. why dont u live next to your parents' house or in the same neighborhood as theirs? =)

  2. oh! Nice idea! I've thought about it but I didn't really like it, maybe I'll re-think about it again. lol. (feels like I'm going to marry someone tomorrow)


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