Aug 9, 2009

Picture Tag game

Oh! I’ve been tagged! Haha, this fun game is just all over the place isn’t it? This one is from the gorgeous Stephanie. It’s a fun game involving pictures, let’s see… here are the rules:

*copy paste… copy paste…

1. Open your 1st photo folder

2. Scroll down to the 10th photo

3. Post that photo and story on your blog.

4. Tag 5 or more people.

And here’s what I have… *click click the unorganized photo folder…

*starts mumbling… of all the names why the hell did I name this folder ‘a’? lol. Yes, I’m uncreative like that. And why must this pic be the 10th? May I cheat? I promise I have a better picture, really!

Okay, I won’t cheat.

The picture:

The story:

I went to China (okay, lie, Chinese town at Jakarta) on holiday and it’s been our habit to buy souvenir for one another every time we go somewhere(I force him sometimes, though)-my room is almost full with the souvenirs from him, really for he travels a lot more than I do, and mostly the souvenirs are just so… silly- and that red-blue hat is definitely silly plus Chinese-looking, right? So I bought him one.

The cute yellow car-shaped thing on his hand is MINE! that’s my watch (yeah, right, watch) and just right after he said how childish I was to own it he stole it and used it and posed for it (oh well…) I think he posed as a samurai or ninja *shrugs and I yeah, I just had to posed like that. lol.

I’m not cheating but just really want to show the next photo of this album off, gah, the rule should’ve said the 11th pic instead of the 10th

here’s the 11th pic in my ‘a’ album.

YESS! This one picture is wayyy better! :D I won! I won! And I got my watch back! Yay!

If I remember correctly, I was surprised when I saw this pic because I didn’t know he posed like that, lol. he let me won the battle.

And Abby gave me a creative blogger award (just right after I confessed of how uncreative I am?) I’ll post about it in the next post :)

so I tag these wonderful people to join this picture tag game along:




-Beautiful Nemo

-Tracy Girl





and everyone who wants to join the fun :D *girls, tell me when you do it, alright? I so want to see the stories behind every pics :)


  1. oh cute pictures! you guys look like you are having a lot of fun. =) I'll be doing this tag soon sweetie. thanks. mwah =)

  2. look cute together! :)

  3. Hehehehe, now we can see how much fun you two have together. A picture tells 1000 words!!!!

    Thanks for the tag. I need to go look though my albums now!

  4. hahaha you guys are so cute. i want that watch 8| haha! and i've done that photo tag before but i ended up with a boring picture! booooo!

  5. LOL
    Lovely shot and a beautiful story :)

  6. These pictures make me smile, Tiara. Btw, thanks for leaving a comment in my blog post about Mocca. i'm from indonesia too but haven't been back for way too long. Anyway,nice to meet you. You have a really cute blog, i'll be following :)

  7. Great tag and pictures to go with it. :)

  8. i love finding random fun photos. i will have to participate when i'm home later :)

  9. this day looks so much fun! i love going to chinatown and buying the most random things there! you never know what you will find. oh i know what you CAN'T find in chinatown though-- SHAMPOO! i was in downtown LA and i thought, hmmm i need some shampoo so i thought about going to chintown and browse around. and then it dawned on me that all they sell there are for retail. i really walked all around just to get some shampoo but ended up not getting one at all! HAHAHA

  10. i love that i can see your pictures! its great to see what you look like! so cute and lovely x

  11. Mel: Do tell me when you do it, alright? Can't wait to see it, haha. And yeah, we had a lot of fun that day, hmm... where did the good old days go?

    Jessica: Haha, what else can I say other than thank you? :D

    Stephanie: Hehe, I do love ithem too

    Dionne: Yeah, ah... we did have a lot of fun in that pic, hmm... how long ago was that picture taken? Oh...

    Kym: :D that watch is just sooo cute! Seriously, once I used it to uni all my friends gathered and adored it (okay, not adored but... yeah...)

    Anya: Thank you! :D

    Sheri: Haha, yeah, you should do it too! :)

    emily: Yay! I can't wait to see yours x)

    Abby: Haha, I didn't even think to try finding a shampoo, seriously? You can't find one there? Hmm... weird, lol.

    Tina: I missed you! :D and thank you ;)

    Inside the cabinet of wonder: lol, tell me your name please? Or at least tell me what should I call you, lol

    Sarah: :O You've never seen me before? OMG! I am usually pretty much narcistic, hmm... lol :P

  12. haha, nice! i've been tagged.
    okay, watch out for the post :D


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