Aug 6, 2009

it’s seriously unhealthy

This could be a very helpful post for those who is after me since I’m gonna talk about some aspects that make guys look sexier than he is:

1. A guy with camera is HOT

Milo VentimigliaI don’t know why, is it my love for art/photography, or for the SLR camera looks expensive; guys with camera always drawn my attention.

Hottest moment: When he puts that certain focused look on his face and care not about the other but his object, that’s smoking!

2. When you can pull off a hat, you’re sexy

Milo VentimigliaBoys I know usually use hat when they had their so called bad hair day, haha (it’s funny since I never thought they would care to have one). Little did they know, when they can really pull it off, I secretly adore them.

Hottest moment: When his hair is a bit too long to his own liking and you put a hat/cap to cover them.

3. Naughty smirk

milo-ventimiglia-03-2006-12-14 Bad boys always have their own way to win my heart, one very good thing about them is how bad boy-ish their smile look, so bad that I categorized it as a smirk. Yes, that kind of smile with something hidden inside-usually a bad idea, well, I love it anyways.

Hottest moment: well, when he smirks.

4. A guy who can play along with little children is ‘aww…’

I can’t find any pictures but yeah, it always makes me go ‘aww’ whenever I see a guy playing with little kids, that’s gonna make him a good papa ;)

Hottest moment: When he smiles and the children also smile, that’s perfection.

Anyone notice that all pictures here are Milo Ventimiglia’s? Yes, this leads to my final result:

5. If you’re Milo Ventimiglia

frca20080702b 011Call me please! Or leave a comment below, or you can also contact me through email. Anything. lol.

Hottest moment: When you have mixed blood of italian, irish, cherokee and some other nationality and named Milo Ventimiglia, you’re effing hot.

so hot that only Jensen Ackles can beat you-sometimes.



  1. "When you can pull off a hat" (and not look weird) then YOU ARE INDEED SEXY. So true!

  2. #1 is true for me! haha! :))

  3. Photographers are H-O-T-T!!! hehehe and so is Jensen Ackles...=)

  4. I agree on the hat. It's funny, because I have NEVER seen Brian in a hat until recently. He tried on a hat in a store just being goofy, and he looked so hot! (there's a pic of it in my latest facebook album).

    And I too love it when guys are great with kids. It means that they have a gentle heart underneath all that tough-guy exterior.

  5. A lot of Milo V and only one Jensen? Talkingabout you're so smitten by Mr.Heroes!

    Not that it's wrong, I mean LOOK AT HIM.:P

  6. i love when men are good with children. it warms my heart!

  7. Jessica: right! Haha, I wonder how many of them realize this... hmm...

    Khaay: yay! Haha, I still don't know the reason for real, maybe I should start doing a research about guy + camera

    Mel: Haha, too bad I couldn't find any pic of Jensen with camera... It'd give us nosebleed, I guess... lol

    Dionne: Haha, yeah! I saw that pic, haha, I shouldn't say he's hot since he's your husbo but he's better looking with hat, right? Maybe because it's rare to see them in hat :d

    Andhari: What? What? What? Lol. Who am I supposed to look at? Haha... whiny little Peter Petrelli got my heart, oh but the cold Dean Winchester had stole it earlier :d

  8. Oh emily! Haha, we posted comment at the same time, so right! It's so touching/warming when there's a guy who can actually get along with kids, right?

  9. LOL I was scrolling through and thought, "But ... she's basically describing Milo!" Ahh, this post made me laugh -- in a good way. Those are definitely charming qualities ... the worse is when you see a man with a lovely camera and you think, "Sexy!" but then he lowers the camera and his face is less than lovely.

    For me, an aspect that makes 'em look sexier:
    Wearing a dress shirt (white preferably) and rolling up the sleeves to their elbows. SEXY!

  10. oh gosh, yes yes and yes to all! hahaha! i love the naughty smirk and seeing guys interact with kids (and be good at it) is so hot. hahah!

  11. i love 1, 3, and 4-- i mean really.. who could resist?

    okay i'm giving in.. maybe number two is pretty hot too.

  12. Oooo I LOVE this post! And yeahhh, Milo is pretty scrumptious. Yum.


    Will definitely be following you! Please be sure to drop by & follow if you see fit. It would SO make my day.

  13. i'm presenting you the kreativ blog award so go and claim it ! :]

  14. oh nr1 and 4... yup yup agreeeee!!! hey you've changed your lay-out again!


  15. thanks for your comments!
    I have to agree with your first point. I actually saw a guy with a camera today - and I was so attracted! haha...

  16. Soooooooo true :)
    Lovely post Tiara
    It make me smile on the early morning!!

  17. Oo thanks for the comment! :P And yeah, my friends sometimes do have that problem, so I'm glad that you've found a solution to that (necklaces). And thanks for popping by-- be sure and come by again & follow! :)

  18. hi!
    love the post lol:)
    my boyfriend is Italian and he's been children entertainer (only last month, a job for holidays) and the kids adored him! It was soooo great when he talked to me about all the things that happened to him there and what the kids told him, he was their fav entertainer, they really loved them (even some girls got in love and wrote him letters lol, how cutttte).

    ps. hope you don't mind if I follow you!

  19. oh my goodness! milo, how much i love him! :)
    i love the photo of him with the camera! yes i agree, very sexy!
    you have a rather cute and wonderful blog!

  20. ahahaaaaaaaaaaa tiara!! you crack me uppp!

    and yes, wow milo is so hot. whew!

    good luck finding him xx

  21. miloooooo!!

    i'm in love with him too. <3 <3 <3
    ever since gilmore girls haha.

    i saw him for a split second once
    when they were filming heroes at this
    building down the street from where i
    worked last summer.

    it was the most exciting split second of my life. ;)

  22. Nikolett: LoL. That's the point: Milo, lol. Yeah yeah, so true about the camera uy, they better have that camera face all day, haha, don't lower the camera! Please! :P

    Kym: Of course naughty smirk is hot while being good with kids is heartwarming :d

    Abby: Haha... number 5 isn't hot? But that's the point of this whole long post! :P

    Laila: Haha, he's yummy! And yep, I've visited your blog :D

    Abby: Thank you! I'll grab it the soonest! ;)

    Toothfairy: Ahaha, I just can't help it! I change layout every second! :S this is a bad habit I should stop.

    muchlove: Who wouldn't be attracted to a guy with camera? haha, you're definitely normal! :D

    beautifulnemo: :O I envy you! It's so rare for me to see my guy friends with kids! Your boy will make a great daddy! ;) and of course I wouldn't mind at all for you following me! :) I'll check yours the soonest

    Sarah: Haha, you're back? :D of course he's hot! Wait, he's hot and mine! :p

    Erica: Hahaha... okay, we're rival and you won one point since you've seen him in real life *bawls I envy youu... :S


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