Aug 13, 2009

Oh, great…

The new widget was causing troubles, such as taking longer to load or worse, freezes computers, and as one faithful reader of costumer satisfaction books (yes yes, I do read them), I think I need to take it of, and then, the worse part happened, how the hell is it to take it off?


and now I have to go during weekend, I'm quite sure I can't sleep well as I can't stop thinking about this bloggy problem, I might as well dream about it, hufft.

I need to font back to my favorite one! Century gothic it is. Ah, gotta take a bath now! x(

edit: I've fixed it, with the consequence: I lost every comment in the previous post, not only that, you can't even find a way to leave a comment there, greatness.

moral of the story: don’t be too greedy, really.

oh, wait, I shouldn't leave you with this kind of post (as I'll spend my weekend in the village, remember when I talked about the Uni program named KKN? Yes yes, it's started already :D I think I should give you a little story instead, wait a while I have one in my draft...

tied dow smalln

red and purple are his favorite colors, thus I made it so. Seems like I’m falling too hard for him, huh?

Once upon a time, there were two best friends did an adventure in the town to look for purple lace for their converse shoes, turned out it was so hard to find, of course this story must ended happily, after a long journey from one shoe shop to another, finally they found the laces, the darker ones for him and the pale purple for her.

and they live happily ever after :)

*I remember clapping stupidly when we finally found the laces, lol.


  1. oh I was soo confused to way I couldn't leave a comment

  2. sorry for your loss, tiara! :p

    "ENJOY" your KKN! I hated mine! :)))

  3. Awww cute story! :)

    Be sure and pop by and leave a note!


  4. Oh I am sorry that you couldn't salvage your comments on the previous post!

    And I love the pic, you always post such cute things.

  5. adorable story. sorry about the comments!

  6. Sorry about the comments, i would have been so pissed off too.

  7. Ah, such a shame about the comments! I've wanted a widget like that too since I love replying back ... we can both search for a proper-working one together, just like the search for purple laces! Such a cute picture :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Don't worry, the other coming comments will pop-up again and you'll relaize that we all still here for you (in silent, or visible)! You're so lovely and cheerful as always... I gave you an award on my blog, by the way, because I love your blog and your expressive way of (writing) talking, actually. So keep being your amazing self, little miss tiara! :))

    *cyber hugs*

  9. Hi Tiara
    I had also troubles with your new comment last week,
    I am happy you have now the other comment hahhahahaha....
    I could not publish a comment.
    Thanks :))))

  10. Hello, what a lovely blog you have here. Heavenly header too ! I've so enjoyed reading your posts and looking through your pictures - you are so very talented.

    Thank you so much and best wishes

  11. I like your drawing. Nice combination of colors!


thank you for coming and leaving a comment! Yay! O(≧∇≦)O

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