Aug 21, 2009

He can read my mind! This is scary! D:


Remember when I told you that the best friend is having a fever and act like a little boy? He still does, according to what he told me he’s got a headache and is still feeling weak, and he wants a cupcake (because he doesn’t know what is it while I kept talking about how much I want it). –what kind of person doesn’t know cupcake these day? And he wanted to open a bakery!

So yesterday I planned to visit him, buy him a cupcake and maybe give him some books to read for he is lately love reading more than he ever did *shrugs, (actually I planned to read him some pages, I love doing that)

there was a problem, though, a HUGE problem-I don’t know where his house is! It makes me feel kind of sad, after all this time I never know his house, sure he knows mine since he fetches me home often.

So the plan cancelled, well, postponed. –I planned to ask my other friends about where his house is without being so suspicious, that’s the hardest part.

And today when we texted one another, he said “you should come here and give me a cupcake”

oh, greatness.

I should’ve, I really should’ve done it and he would love it and maybe we’d have a better day and maybe he would feel at least a little better.


  1. Awwwww... that was such a sweet thought. Did you end up finding out where he lived?

  2. great minds think a like! haha! ;P

  3. awwww this is such a cute entry. like as if i just read a part of a script from a korean drama. because he's all sick and all he wants is something simple like a cupcake AND you! hehehe!

    oh man!! that's thats like my best friend too! my only guy best friend... i dunno where he lives too! but he sure knows where i live!! LOL!

  4. Very sweet and lovely thought :)))
    Have a nice weekend Tiara
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  5. Go over to his house. Chopchop. Make it blooom :)

  6. I always lie and say I'm sending them a thank you card or something... you gotta be tricksy ;-)

    Still adorable that you were so on the same page!

  7. Awww..How Cute. Cupcakes are the best!

  8. awe miss tiara! hehe. that is so cute that you are taking care of your friend. i must say i have been the worst blog commenter lately! you must forgive me! i have been too busy. :(

    your blog looks beautiful though! i love it. :) i enjoy reading about your life.


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