Aug 26, 2009

I had a nice day!

I won this scarf from Tina {Luphia loves…} months ago, and well… you know how many times I’ve complained about how lame Indonesian postal service is so… however, the scarf was finally arrived today!


It’s so lovely! black and white with hearts print. I’m sure I can use it to any kind of occasion, and since today I was having a dinner with my friends, I of course had to show it off! Haha! =d

And I was just amazed of how creative I can be when I’m using something I love, lol.

Photo 306 look. I won this! Aha aha! :D

Photo 297Photo 298 the pictures were taken before I took a bath, so excuse the oily faces and lame expressions, lol. But the idea of making it a halter neck dress is kinda brilliant, haha.

Photo 317 after bath, make ups and hairdo (and a little touch of photoshop, of course, lol). Do I look different? At least I had my blush on in this pic. =d (I think I look like a meanie here)

Photo 332Photo 333Photo 334they were having fun by themselves while me and Nanette were cooking, so of course I had to interfere!

later on, I called Nanette to get out of the kitchen for a while, voila!

Photo 339 copybest picture of all, here come little miss sunshine!
left to right: Rian, Tiara, Nanette, Aline.

Today is just sooo perfect! Yes, I had the photo shoot (or maybe you can consider these pictures a photo shoot?) Will upload them soon –but the pictures are all in Nanette’s house! Grrh.

Whatever, I’m happy today, and just to show you how happy I am, here goes the picture as an authentic proof.

Photo 319

actually I and Aline was trying to make a flat face pose, failed, of course, lol. Aline was rolling on the floor laughing literally, well… you can see it in the mirror if you don’t believe me.

p.s it was Nanette’s room, the dinner was in her house, so the messy room is all hers! (right, mine is even messier, lol)


  1. awww cute! i love how you appreciate the little things in life!!

    this makes me feel like sending you something! but i hate sending things through mail! ive never done it before. i'll just surprise you one day. not soon though! heheh.

    you and your friends looks so cute! LOVE THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS! hehehe

  2. Very cute scarf! Congrats :)

  3. Nice scarf!! and nice pictures!! I miss these days, with my friends.. its nice to go back to those memories.. thanks! :)

  4. your pictures are so cute! love the scarf ^^

  5. i love that scarf. it looks great on you. you are just soooo cute.

  6. congrats on winning! that's so fun :)

  7. Yay that the postal service got it to you! Hooray!

  8. love the scarf! and all the different versions of it you made! hahaha! ;P

  9. How lovely the scarf you won and of course those girls. They look so happy and merry! Nice pictres !

  10. LOL girlie, you look cute with that scarf. SO creative how you used it :)

  11. Ah, that's such an adorable set of pics! Very creative with that scarf, and you look pretty with or without make-up! Congrats on winning it :)

  12. tiara you are so adorable!!! xxx

    and yes, a genius, hahah

  13. Oh, it's a beautiful scarf! And you do it justice!

    You are four very cute geeks! (Or are you the only geek?)


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