Aug 25, 2009

Listen, the Forgetful Tiara is Talking Here.

Oh great, I forgot that I have a mission, final summer wishes. I forgot to tell you what my lists are, so I’ll tell you here and please pray for me so I can finish them all by the end of the month, lol.

1. Going to a village and enjoying the fresh green scenery.

2. Having a girly photo shoot with my girls.

3. Arrange a blogger meet up.

4. Touring in the city.

extra points for:

1. visit a colorful place like a kindergarten.

2. Having a reunion with my high school friends. or at least one friend.

3. Buy a balloon.

and girls, I’m having a new blog! (yeah, me…) sort of more personal for I’ll write anything more romance related there, of course I’ll still write about it here too-it’ll be incomplete without me talking about uhm… what do you call it? (about my feelings? right). here it is!

Basic RGBif you’re in much need of high dose romance, be sure to pop by :)

Gotta start doing one thing for the list now! Ciao! I’m off to the… easiest one, girly photo shoot with my girls!


  1. All too easy!! :))

    we WANT things you can hardly do for the summer thingy! :P

  2. Its sounds
    WONDERFUL :)))
    Have fun Tiara (you deserve it.. )

  3. DUDE, make a blogger meet up in Jakarta please hahahaa

  4. ahahah, I LOVE your final summer wishes. So simple and yet so sweet.

    And would you like to exchange blog links?

    Be sure and pop by and leave a note!!


  5. those are so cute!Great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog! Please follow mine as i will yours! xo

  6. Sounds lots of fun going on! Have fun!
    And I've just had a glance at your new blog! Isn't it neat? I hope you won't be so busy writing two blogs. Enjoy it!

  7. blogger meeting? ahhhh i'm missing out here! do i need to fly to wherever you are right now and join the party! and thanks for sharing your list! again, it's so cute!!

    oh oh... for my birthday photoshop me something! anythin! i'm happy with your work! i really am! makes me glow! hehe!

  8. good luck with your list. and i'm excited to check out that new blog of ours... jumping there now. mwah. =)

  9. Aw, what a great list! So simple, but sometimes it's those simple things in life that are most enjoyable :) And I'll definitely follow your new blog, such a cute idea! Good luck with the wishes :D

  10. Rad: You noisy, We didn't get to take a picture the day we met, what should I do to accomplish the blogger meeting? =s

    Anya: Thank you Anya! :D

    Andhari: but girl, I am now in Yogya! Maybe we can meet at Ied? My family plan to go Jakarta, I think. :D

    Emily: I've bought the balloons! :D yay!

    Laila: Ahaha... thank you for loving it, those are the things I had in mind.

    Andee: Thank you Andee! Will coming right there ASAP!

    Photojoy: Aww! Tiara misses you! *hugs* you've seen the other blog? Thank you! :D I'll try to be as not busy as possible :D after all, writingabout romance is my hobby, lol.

    Abby: sure sure! You have to come here! like... right NOW! Ahaha... and thank you for liking my list! =d

    michellehendra: thank you for visiting! :D

    Nikolett: They're sweet? Ahaha... thank you! And yes! I've seen you around the new blog! You're so kind! Thank you!


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