Aug 24, 2009

Featured Artist: Casey O’connell

I believe you all already know how romance freak I am, right? So when I saw these artworks of Casey, I instantly fell for them, there are some of her artworks I already used as the illustration in some of my posts, I love every details of it, the colors, the expression, the feeling I get, and especially the memories they bring, isn’t it wonderful how something so subtle can get you back in time?

Here are my top five:

deepaA Piston’s Fan

There’s something awfully beautiful in this picture, being scooped up in that kind of wedding style is one of my biggest dream, it’s heart warming, intimate and sweet, and Casey makes me crave more of it, lol. Thanks much God I’m not that heavy. Although if it were me on that pic, I wouldn’t close my eyes (except if I’m sleeping-that’s kind of another super romantic thing), I’d stare to his eyes and try my best to suppress my laughter, oh, maybe we’d laugh together. –one thing for sure, my cheeks would be red, that’s definite.

IMG_1684My Sugar

I don’t understand why a girl in pink dress always reminds me of myself, maybe I just think too cutely of myself, lol. I don’t really understand the pose but I take this one as piggyback one. Piggyback is definitely my daily daydream, I ask anyone to piggyback me, in fact, it’s one important aspect I look from a guy. Yes, I choose a guy from the way he piggybacks me. So far, my brother is the best piggyback-er, I have yet to ask the best friend to do it. :|

IMG_1608but we don’t dance

I always wants to dance with my special someone, the best friend isn’t really a good dancer, though-I think. but then, whatever. Slow dance is romantic, I dance wildly, of course, but I do want to know how to do slow dancing and grasp the intimacy of being so close in rhythm ( I talk about slow dancing, okay?)

IMG_1289 The Transfer

Gray-pink/red combo is my favorite of all, and look at the boy’s eyes, isn’t he looking at her sweetly? This painting was my desktop wallpaper for weeks. I don’t actually understand what or why, but I found this picture the sweetest.


good red good purple, call me if you need me

this painting is the winner! It’s been my desktop wallpaper for… I don’t know how long, this reminds me of me and the best friend. I’ve said that little girl in pink dress reminds me of myself, right? Brown isn’t really his color but… it’s stunning how the last time I met him he was wearing shades and had a little facial hair (he forgot to shave he said-and I didn’t mind, he looked hot), and the color oh the color! I remember I’ve said that red and purple is his favorite color, right?

Doing that pose, holding out the glass, is just so… me.

and girls, guess what? Yes, I succeeded asking Casey of what inspired her of this winning painting, here’s what she said (well, typed…)

“grgpcmiynm is what my mom would say to my sister and i every night when she tucked us in. i think about that whenever i feel really safe.”

isn’t that nice? After hearing (eh, reading) her statement I suddenly feel safe and warm when I see this picture, lol =d

p.s I’ve given the cupcakes to him! And yeah, now I know where he lived =d should make it a post later, I think.

p.p.s notice the new banner on the side? Yes, I created a blog dedicated to... well, love letters. I think I should start posting all my major romance-related story there so you won't get bored. If you're as hardcore romance fan as me, I think you'll love it (well, I hope)


  1. Very cool artwork. My fav is The Transfer :)

  2. ice artwork, i like the last one too. Reading your posts always make me feel all gooey and mushy :P

  3. awwww you are so creative! you're just like my one of my best friends! she really knows her art! you guys should get together one day and talk photoshop! LOL.

    anyway, those pictures are so romantic :] i love them all! and the pink dress-- hehehe! that's so you ! :]

    wait i think my favorite it the third picture :} i'd kill to be that girl! AHAHAHHA!

    anyway, omg ! for my bday you should make me something awesome! i've seen your art before and boy, i go gaga for them! you should post more one day!


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