Aug 8, 2009

Kym’s epic giveaway!

You guys should know how much I envy my every blogger friend who hosts giveaways, I’ve always wanted to do one but =S let’s just say I can’t trust Indonesian postal service too much right now, maybe later.

Kym the master of Engrish is one of my favorite blogger friend and recently she does host a giveaway too! (is she trying to make me all jealous since I’m not mastering engrish yet? *bawls) The prizes are so tempting for she is sponsored by so many talented blogger friends slash artists (including Kym herself, lol)! I can’t help myself from joining :d Some of the sponsors have my wish list items seriously.

For more information on how to win the prizes, go to her blog here and make sure you join the fun!

To tempt you more, here are the sponsors:

herrohachilink motojewelrylinkglamsparklepoplink rinaspiggiesekikawaiilink tinicharmslink-1dsklink

tempting much? Oh they are! :d

PS: Milo didn't leave a comment in the previous post, maybe he's too shy, it's okay.*le sigh lol :P


  1. super kawaiii (cute) !!!! will have to check out her site now. And hey missy, did you change your theme again? ugh...jealous much right now. hehehe. =)

  2. I love giveaway's :)
    Thanks for the tip !!!

  3. hehhee so im pretty sure that you're gonna join :] yay!

  4. just wanted to tell you, that I like this layout best! :D

    Have a great week!

  5. Hi Tiara, I just want you to know how thankful I am for having you on my blog and knowing you personally, probably, as my (new) friend. Sometime I amazed to see how kind you are to me and everyone else - And I never thought I would deserved such honors! We should meet sometimes as we live in the same city. That would be great :)) Thank you again for being so sweet and supportive - I'll keep coming back to your wonderful blog!

    Take care,

  6. Mel: Haha, sure you have to check her site, it's so fun there plus Kym is just naturally adorable! :d

    Anya: Yay! Who doesn't love giveaways anyway? :P

    Abby: Haha, I sure am in! :P it's just too hard to resist! :d

    Toothfairy: YEah, I think simple is the best (kind of) let's pray I'll stick to this simplicity.

    Clara: We really should meet! Haha, I can already imagine a post featuring Claradevi here in my blog :D


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