Jul 1, 2009

With cherry on top, please?

Vote for me, please? I participate in this contest and I need as much vote as I can to win it, the prize is just too good to be true for such a poor little girl like me, lol. $750 cash and $250 shoes voucher from RYZ. So I need your help guys, here’s how to:

1. Go here (click)

2. A picture of the shoe will appear, there are checks under the picture, max point, please?

Here is my design you’ll find there


3. And well… tell your friends about it will be lovely, and you may vote as often as you can, I think. here’s what they say in their rules section:

“Remember everyone has a chance at winning - post your shoe to your networks, invite your friends and vote often!”

4. That’s all for today, the best thing is that you can vote once a day :)

I am personally in love with this design, the color like clovers, it’s like wishing me good luck and the square-ish pattern reminds me of my grandpa :)

There are also two other designs in my portfolio, you can vote for them too (but please do vote for this irish grandpa design). Here is the link for my portfolio, and here are the other two designs you can find there:

1 3

tell me, which design do you like the best?


If I really win this contest, I think I will hold a giveaway, lol. I mean, seriously $750! (o.0)

and I know I sounded so very greedy but oh, I actually am and do. Hmmph…


  1. Hi
    I like the shoes they are very nice,
    I go vote for you ^__^

  2. Awww are just sooooooooooo creative!

  3. I've voted! -after being pushed and threatened! :))

  4. Cute shoes! Gonna go vote now :) GL on the contest!

  5. your not being greedy. I voted!

  6. cute shoes btw
    that's sweet that you designed them

  7. Good luck girl! I'm off to vote for you! :)

  8. i really like the green ones and the purple ones! so cute!

    i hope you win xx

  9. I'm not into sneakers, but I've always loved how beautiful their designs are.

    Like Sarah, I like the green and purple ones. I hope you win, your designs are awesome. :)

  10. Oooh I like them all! I love the last one most, but I would most likely wear the green ones because I have a lot of green clothes it would look great with.

    I just voted for the green ones! Yay!

  11. The irish grandpa design is very cute! Yes, I've voted for you...good luck!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I voted for you too, and I'm a follower of your blog now =)

  13. I like te green ones! You're not greedy at all. I'm going to go and vote. I wonder I can do it all right. Let me see----

  14. thanks for your lovely lovely comment ,3
    and i like the green ones best :) i'll go and vote for you loads of times now <3

  15. this is the first time i visit your blog :D nice blog ! and i've voted for you :D

  16. haha exactly my thoughts. i'm so tempted to get it tho. ;P

  17. i love the shoes. i have a weakness for green :)

  18. Found your comment on Drama Queen:)! I would love to add one another as followers. Just let me know OR add me and I wil then add you! Just our trying to network !

  19. ok I will be voting... right now!


  20. Wow! Nineteen comments! I've never received this much comments before so let me take a very deep breath first, lol. :P

    Since it'll be too long if I reply to all comments personally, I'll just say thank you so much for everyone who

    1. Took their precious time and leave a comment here :)

    2. Follow my blog :D (I've got some new followers! New friends! Yay!)

    3. Voted for me (and will you do it again? Heheh...)

    And I'm glad that most of you like my shoe design :D

  21. I voted~! Irish Grandpa are by far my favorites! So cool!

  22. Ohhh those shoes are cute. Just passing by - really cute blog, I think I shall follow. Come check out my blog if you get a chance and maybe follow too :)


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