Jul 27, 2009

daylight dream

wedding_london_northbank_city_02 (credits as tagged)

I am again daydreaming about my marriage, can it be unhealthy that I do it kind of too often while I still don’t know who’s gonna be the groom? lol. But I love doing this anyway.

So I got this idea when I chatted with Rad on facebook, remember him? Yes, he’s the one who promised me lollipops, we didn’t get to meet the last time and now he’s back in Singapore :S. So the lollies are still in his house now (in which he suggested me to get it but I don’t even know where the hell is his house, lol so I get to wait till August when he’s coming back Yogya again).

Back to what we were talking about, I and rad talked about (of course) the lollies, so he actually bought me FOUR! I wanted only one and thought he would just give me two but no, he gave me FOUR! The excitement of having so many lollies inspire me, maybe I should have a lollies bouquet for my wedding instead of flowers! It will be absolutely sweet, right?

So I thought about it over and over again all night long, how cute will it be etcetera, until suddenly I realized I always wants a traditional wedding ceremony (I just love Indonesian culture too much, no?) It would be ridiculous for me to hold bouquet of lollies when I’m using Kebaya, they just don’t suit one another, lol.

But I still want lollipops to have a part in my wedding! So the idea came up, I’ll get bunch of pre-wedding photos with lollipops, that would be really cute! I’ve searched around google and found nothing, and so I smiled. It’s cool to be the first, right? (although I believe there must be someone with this idea already, maybe I searched with wrong key word :P)

Another cool thing I pondered about, wouldn’t it be soooo cool to have all your blogger friends on your wedding, especially to someone as addicted to blogging as me? Maybe I can’t get you all attend the party because it will surely cost too much (I’m thinking about giving you the ticket to where I celebrate the wedding) so maybe one day I can have a giveaway, maybe five or more blogger friends can have the chance to win, and the prize is my wedding invitation (+tickets, hotel and all), haha… isn’t that cool? I really need to save a lot starting now if I want to make it true :)

I love thinking about things like this ;) makes me happy.

I’d really love to have this kind of fun pre-wedding photos (right, they can have the cotton candy, but lollies are mine, alright?)





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  1. Funny 'cos I was just about to post about my ideal wedding too..'cause people around me are all tying the knot soon, made me think of my own wedding day!

    Those photos are awesome! I like what the girl's wearing!

  2. everyone i know is getting marrieeeeeeed!

    i LOVE lollipops. only we call them suckers in south africa. ahaha. i love suckers.

    i like your new blog layout too! very pretty!

    ps thanks for your confidence in my japanese :p

  3. those photos are adorable.
    i love your ideas about your wedding. lollies and all! i especially love the giveaway idea :) i would love to come, hehe!

  4. That is such a fun idea with the lollipops! You could also include them as favors at the wedding perhaps?
    Love these pictures!

  5. HAHA so tiara wants to be the BEST sucker in this world! Good luck on that cause I wont try to stand in your way :))

    When we meet we should take a pic then blog about it on both blogs :) what do you think?

    Anyway, you really wanna hurt your guest who tries to catch the lolly-flower bouquet at your wedding? fyi, lollies are hard as real rocks hehe... let's call them suckable rock :))

  6. lollipops as part of the wedding? never heard of that one before but it sounds creative!!! <3 it! :)

  7. hey sweetness. better start saving up for your wedding. i am invited right? hehehehe...lollipops sounds like such a unique cute idea. you are just so awesome!

  8. You know you gotta invite me to your wedding! Seriously, I'll bring you a big gift :P

  9. awww i love those engagement photos! i totally want that type of style for my photos too.

    umm...and i also daydream/plan this kind of stuff too. you're not alone. nothing wrong with getting all the details sorted. saves time. i mean, who cares if you don't have the groom yet, right?? haha. ;)

    great idea with the lollipop pictures. you should so do it. <3

  10. Jessica: go write about them! Haha xD so I can know what are your plans and maybe I can steal some :P yeah, more of my friends were married, andI think that's what inspire me :S

    sarah: Haha, suckers? So I love suckers? Hahaha xD and of course I have confidence in your japanese, lol, after all those silly mistakes you must've learnt something, right? ;)

    emily: Haha, of course! Now let us all pray together so I can soon open my business and be one great business woman and in less than five years earn enough money so I can invite you all :D

    Dionne: Ah! That's a brilliant idea! I just hope nobody get toothache after attneding my wedding :D

    Rad: Yes, you don't stand a chance to be the world's best sucker xD and of course we MUST take picture when we meet! Plus the pics of lollies too! Haha... so we can show them off to the blogsphere :D

    Kym: It sounds creative? I was afraid it sounds silly and childish, you made my day! Haha

    Mel: I'm saving, I'm saving, and of course you're on the list girly ;) aha...

    Andhari: and does it mean I get the chance to invite Indonesia's best female rapper to my wedding? I feel so honoured! :D of course I must invite you, haha.

    Erica Leigh: Yay for not being alone daydreaming about this, haha.. it's always good to know that I have companion, ha! ;D

  11. what a lovely pics! esp. the last one!

    and your new lay-out is pretty cool too!



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