Jul 15, 2009

Quick update

Okay, this is a quick-really quick post :D

1. Thank you for all your comments in the previous post! So sorry I can’t reply them personally one by one although I really want to because they’re all so supportive, but I really don’t have enough time :S I just need you to know that I love how caring you guys are :D and yes, I think I’ll tell him about it, he talks about my love life more often lately, I noticed, so maybe that’s a good sign? :P

2. I and the best friend couldn’t meet this week so guys/girls, you all have to wait for a week or so if you’re curious about how my relationship and him going on. We have to cancel the meet-up until I come back from Bali.

3. I’m sorry I can’t comment on your posts, I’ll be away for about a week, not that there’s no internet but I think I’ll be too busy having fun :P

4. Have a great days everyone! And WOW! I got some new followers! *waves hello! :D sorry I can’t visit your blogs anytime soon but I promise I will :) thank you for following dear followers :D

5. If I really win something like giveaway (I wish!l lol-since they’re everywhere in the blogsphere) please inform me here and/or via email tiara_purnomo(at) I’ll be checking every now and then, thank you!

6. I have a little question, as a blog readers, what kind of topic you actually like the best? Is it like a post with heaps of beautiful picture, a writing with thoughts, writing of daily life or… what? Lol. I’m just curious, I think I talk about my random private life too much here, haha.

7. Okay, I’m off. BALI! :P



  1. oh my gosh! i'm so jealous!!! have a BLAST (i know it wont be hard! hehe) !!! make sure you take lots and lotsa pictures!

    posts i enjoy the most are well written, honest, not TOO long, and contains at least one picture! :)

  2. talk about what you love or care about most! have a wonderful time in bali! we'll miss you, gal.

  3. heyy :)

    I haven't commented your blog before but i came across it and you seem cool :D

    like Kym I am very jealous of your holiday :P have fun!

    and your question: i like personal blogs about people's lives (usually by people my sort of age)


  4. Have fun in Bali, go get some tan..or surfer boys lol

  5. Have a great time in Bali!

    Congrats, I've given you an award because i think your blog is awesome!

  6. OMG! You're finally off to Bali?! Take me with you! Take me with you! mwah. have fun sweetie!

  7. hey you! have fun in bali! I loved it when I was there in Januari!


  8. i can't wait for you to come back and let us know how everything went (love life drama + bali). good luck, have fun + don't forget to take lots of pictures!!! <3

    p.s. i like blogs with more of a diary-feel, like more personal. -but- i also like lots of pictures. i don't care too much about the subjects as long as i like the way the person writes. ;]

  9. guess by now u've told him about ur feeling... how was it? did u get dumped? dont worry I could get u more lollies if you did :)

  10. I wish I was in Bali... so much cooler than where I am


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