Jul 10, 2009

Being Tiara

I was tagged by tooth fairy to write ten random things, and I’ve decided to write the most random thing in this world; how to be Tiara, in 10 steps:

1. Be childish.

No matter how bad or good the situation is, react to it like a five year old little girl. love the lollipops, balloons and anything colorful, don’t forget to jump up and down all day when you’re happy. This may not be the best thing to do but that’s how Tiara expresses herself.

2. Love your best friends.

By love here means both love and ‘love’. Tiara worship her every friends, including her blog’s followers. She would always try her best to keep in a good relationship with them. Tiara is somehow always envies anyone who states they marry to their best friend (yes Dionne, I envy you :P). Tiara is currently very much in love with her best friend and is planning to tell him about it, if only she could be brave enough *crosses fingers.

3. Be obsessed with marriage.

Anything related to marriage puts her heart in joy that she can’t help but smile. Wedding gown, wedding cakes, and especially pre-wedding photos.

4. Listen to every songs’ lyric carefully.

Most of the songs in Tiara’s favorite playlist have a touching/ romantic/ meaningful lyric. That’s why she already has her ultimate love song list to be played on her wedding anniversaries.

5. Be curious.

Yes, curiosity kills the cat. But she is no cat at all (okay, a little…), she loves to discover new things, learns about anything and think a lot about some random facts. She opens a lot of tutorials and such, she wants to know about almost anything. Although she has no interest in physic and friends, she adored those who can survive learning such things (like Einstein and Hawking? Nah ma type!).

6. Have a big scoop of imagination.

Tiara spends her days daydreaming, about her own love life, dramas, writing ideas, anything. Every nights before she falls asleep, she always thinks of something, by something it can mean anything, including the next blog post. This one story is an example of how fruity her thoughts can be.

7. Be proud of yourself.

Tiara loves herself so much, sometimes a bit too much. She tends to find perfection in herself, although she fully believes that nobody’s perfect. Being in love with yourself means knowing what you want, and being super comfortable with it.

8. Be super romantic.

Try to be as romantic as you can until people around you think that you have no feeling to anything but romance. She tries hard not to cry watching some extremely sad dramas and not to smile too widely when listening to a song with hopeful lyric.. Even reading some very touching blog posts can make her cries, She's such a crybaby! (for example this beautiful post from JLC about her hubby homecoming, -wait there was no even many words!) This point can be related to point 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

9. Be moody

This is a bad thing, but Tiara is super moody, her mood swing is rather extreme, one minute she can laugh out loud with her friends and the next she is calm like nothing ever happens. She can be hot and cold at the very same time, or warm and cool too to put it more nicely.

10. Love anything Asian

She loves watching some Korean/Taiwanese dramas via youtube or any other streaming sites, she learns mandarin just so she can understand a little when she watches some un-subbed interviews of her favorite actress. She loves Asian cultures a little bit more than she loves another cultures; and she daydreams to go Thailand, Korea and Japan (followed by Prague and Rome) first when she can finally starts her worldwide invasion :P.

Okay, I hope they are random enough. To end this conversation, hohoho… of course, vote for me today! :P



  1. I loved reading your 10 items of Being Tiara.
    I understand all about what you wrote there. You are very honest and sweet. Go for it! I'd love to visit Indonesia again some day. I'm pretty sure next time I visit there, I'll be able to know more about your culture.

  2. I love it to read about your items :)
    The answers are really coooool !!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  3. This is such a great list! I loved all of them.

  4. I love it too, it's just simple and sparkly!

  5. You're such a loving person and it's such a great quality to have :)

  6. I love your blog! it's so cute! If you want to check out my fashion blog it's:

    love it!

  7. oooh! I'm a daydreamer too! or use to be... don't have time to do that anymore now I'm not in classes... or studying... :P

    love the post!!! :)


  8. Great post! I LOVE number one. It talks in the Bible about having Faith like a Child, because children are so innocent and loving.

    Number 2 is awesome too! I was sooo blessed to marry my best friend.

    Since you love romance and weddings, here is a link to me and B's old wedding website if you want to read our story. www.

  9. i LOVE japanese, korean and thai drama!

    recently i watched `it started with a kiss`! i love joe! <3 what are your favourites?

  10. What a great, and thoughtful, list! Love your blog!!

  11. Aww, what a great list! I can pretty much relate to all but #3 -- haven't thought about it too much -- but I relate wholeheartedly with #10 ... I'm not Asian, but LOVE all things Asian, especially Japanese music and Korean soap operas haha. :D

  12. My bestfriend said she liked the emerald one best too! :D

  13. hey little miss tiara ;P thanks for dropping by! i love your little space here... and the 10 steps to being you! hehe! i love marriage stuff too... im the MOH for my brothers upcoming wedding so im doing a lot of the planning and making of 'stuff' :) oh and i love all things asian too...please tell me you know and love engrish?! hahaha! anyway, can't wait to read more! :)

  14. thank you girls for the comments! :D actually I am quite confused if I really should reply here, I mean, is anyone of you read this comment? haha

  15. Thanks again for all the kindness you leave when you stop by :)


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