Jul 13, 2009

I can’t think of a proper title right now, thanks

current state: lost

I am torn between feeling happy and something unexplainable. In two days, I’ll be in Bali (yay me!), vacationing for a week with my friends. I can already imagine the beautiful sunset and/or sunrise I’ll enjoy at the beach. Plus, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to see the dolphins jumping at lovina beach. ah!

And this afternoon, I’ll meet rad, who is other than my blogger faithful friend, also my senior in uni who helped me a lot doing my homework, lol. Yesterday he was back from Singapore, and I asked him to bring me lollipops! So today's meet up is for the pretty lolly! Yay, sounds good? It is! :D

Now, those are the things that made me happy, the unexplainable one is… remember the best friend I talked about in some of the previous posts? No? Okay, if you’re a new reader, you’re probably clueless, here’s a short explanation:

I have this bestest friend ever, been friends since high school and somewhere along the way I fell for him, worse, I’m stuck to him. While he never really know this feelings I have towards him, I can’t love anyone else! That’s bad, right? So I decided to tell him, sometime this week, which would mean; today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because after that I'll be in Bali.

and thinking about it scared the hell out of me! D:

I can’t sleep well, eat well and do anything well… :S I haven’t even started packing my luggage because I kept thinking about all possibilities of what would happen.

I’m afraid, really afraid that he would go away :(

should I really tell him? Or not?


pardon the grammar, I can't really think :S


  1. oh dear!

    should you tell him or not? that's a toughy. see, i don't think i'll ever have the guts to do that cuz i'm too afraid! XD but i admire your courage to even think of doing it!

  2. I want to come to bali with you!!!

    Oh wow. That's tough. all I can tell you is that I was in love with one of my best friends for 3 years and I never told him. And now I'm kinda over him ( maybe not 100%) but I'll never know what would have happened if i'd told him.

  3. thanks for your comment ^.^ i love willly wonka too!!! lovely blog btw *follows*

  4. Go for it :)

    You'll regret it if you don't!

  5. I think that if he is a true friend he will remain friends with you regardless if he feels the same way or not.

    With Brian, I waited 3 years to tell him, and of course you know how that goes - we're married now. But even if it turns out that this friend isn't the one for you - I think you will always wonder.

    I think as long as you prepare yourself for both situations, if he feels the same way, or if he doesn't - you'll be ok. If it turns out he feels the same way, then that's awesome, but if not - just keep being a friend to him. I might feel awkward at first, but you need to push through that. A friend of mine told me he was in love with me about a year before I got together with Brian, but I didn't feel the same way. But he understood, and didn't act weird or strange about it, and we were able to stay good friends. Now he is also married to a wonderful girl that I love so much, and am happy to say that they are good friends of mine to this day.

  6. Poor Tiara
    I just now wath to say :(
    I think you must take the time to relax....
    Hope you feeling better soon :)

  7. okay, yay to Bali! you're gonna have a blast with your friends. and in regards to your boy dillema, that's a tricky one. if it were me, i wouldn't be able to hold it in anymore...i would just be honest with him and tell him how i feel but in a way that he wouldn't get freaked out about it...meaning not in a im crazy about you lets be together forever now kinda way! haha! you got it girl! :) hope it all goes well!

  8. Ohhh! Bali sounds like a really good time! Post lots of pictures when you get back :) Hmmm about telling him or not... I'm not sure really for all the reasons you are thinking too. I dated my best guy friend once and we lasted for about a year and then well we never talk now so :( I dunno about you and your friend though but good luck with whatever you choose.

  9. Hello. Was checking out new blogs and came across yours and I think its really cool. Hey come check out mine if you'd like.

  10. Takes lots of pictures on your awesome trip!!

    For your Friend, I think you should tell him, otherwise you'll always be wondering. Who know's maybe he's in the same situation. And true friends are friends no matter what

  11. I have an idea sweetie...Bring me to Bali with you. I'll drop your best friend a few hints or maybe I'll just blurt it out like hey, I think pretty little tiara here has feelings for you. what do you think? And if it is positive then I'll run over and pull you guys together that way you guys can kiss. lols...hehehehehe...

  12. ol blog!
    And have a nice time :)

  13. oh wow, how kind that person named Rad is!!

    :p :p

    SO SORRRRYYYY I couldn't make it that day... :( If you don't mind to go to my house in Yogya I have the lollies with my mum. I know that's gonna be really weird but she understands that the lollies are gifts for you.

    wud you go to my house? I'm already back in Sing


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