Jul 26, 2009

let’s talk about the rain and the sun

I always have this problem of deciding what should I talk about in my post because I always have too many in mind. and also this problem of no connection between the title and what the post talks about.

I remember I promised you to talk about the best friend, that I was so angry when he canceled the meet up again yesterday.

So I did. I was so angry I replied his text so short. But then I remembered I was/will never able to get that angry to him. He’s done this before, I was so angry I cried but when I met him I couldn’t even put a frown. I’m so blah, right? It happened again yesterday, worse we didn’t even meet, we only chatted through facebook and I forgave him already.

I thought about why all day/night long and finally figured the answer out; I don’t want to ever waste our time together only to get uncomfortable. Am I wrong?

Okay, enough love story, I’ve been thinking about changing the domain to wordpress, because I can reply to each comment personally; that just sounds like a perfect blogging for me, but there, I can’t change my layout (well, I can but it’ll cost some $$ and I’m like changing my layout every 2 weeks so I’ll be poor if I really do that, lol) and there’s no ‘followers’ widget, do you think I should change it or not? I really like being close to my readers by answering their every comments :S.

p.s: I think I really will try wordpress soon, get ready? :P


  1. I always wanna switch to wordpress too for the same reason but it's always so complicated with tons of plug ins i dont understand :(

  2. hi!!!!! thanks for the visit :)

    i tried switching to wordpress before, i always switch back... all in all, i think blogger really is the best deal. and i reply to comments under what people write, in my blog so they can ping back... (there will be a reply for u too) ;)

    i totally understand how u feel about your best friend. i have a guy best friend too, i used to be so frustrated when he bailed on our meetings, but after a phone call or a short txt msg explaining himself... life was beautiful again :) and it probably is because we just want to get the love out of that person, not anger or resentment. but just make sure he respects u ;)

  3. i think your blog looks great. but make sure if you switch to wordpress--- you let us know!

    you're great and have a happy day!

  4. I tried other blogging services like Wordpress and Livejournal, but there's nothing easier and more convenient to use than Blogger. It has all the features I'd like to have on my blog, so I'm sticking to it.

  5. noooooo.. don't move to the dark side that is wordpres. haha! stay on blogger! :P

  6. i've never used wordpress. they charge you to change your layouts?? that sucks

  7. I also never used wordpress ?!?!

    ( I am also afraid for horses ;)
    Have a great day Tiara :)

  8. Andhari: yeaaa... The plug-ins are the complicated thing I've yet want to learn. Maybe I really just have to stick to Blogger and hope there'll be the facility to reply each comments personally soon

    Lilize: after reading the comments, I really think I should stick to blogger, lol. other than the layout, I can't get to see everyone's update too :S. gah. and I really must make sure if he ever have any respect to me next time I meet him.

    emily: of course I'll let you guys know! I can't bear losing everyone here, that's also the thing that keeps me sticking here :) and maybe I'll stay here.

    Jessica: yeah, I've tried livejournal too, not really interested :S yeah, blogger is really convenient :)

    Kym: lol. Okie dokie! FOr now, I'm staying, although I'm still so very curious about wp, haha xD

    Namine: Yeah, that's the suckiest part, I mean, isn't that holding your creativity? Haha (great excuse... xD)

    Anya: :D horses have that big face that are scary, hahaha

  9. go try using WP! you can be r experimental girl lol... meaning if its good I'll go have a try for myself too :)

  10. I am sorry about your friend flaking on you!! How frustrating!

    I love your blog backgrounds, you always change them up to something new and fresh - it shows your personality. I have only ever used Blogger, so I am not sure about Wordpress.

  11. Wordpress is a bit too complicated for me. I'm loving blogger and how I can change my layout every now and then with no extra cost, but then again, blogger does have its set backs. =)

  12. I love your blog. Looks wonderful. I have heard mixed reviews on wordpress so good luck if you switch!

  13. Rad: Blah :S I'll try it after the blog swap, how does it sound? :D but I'll still update everything here (and there)

    Dionne: He's just... always like that, I've gotten used to it already, just I didn't see it coming the last time so I was a little shocked :S. Thank you for liking my new layout :)

    Mel: Yeah, the only thing blogger missed is the (reply) button beside every comment :/

    JennyMac: hello! Thank you for visiting here :) I think I'll have both and compare them, lol.

  14. I feel like im going through the same thing.

  15. Constructive attitude: Which same thing we're going through? The best friend part, or the wordpress/blogger confusion? Ah, but I guess it's the love story part, no?


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