Jul 4, 2009

Friends :D

So, I was surprised when I finally back to the internet life (because I was grounded for sitting too much in front of my laptop -OH DADDY COME ON!) and found nineteen comments there! Plus, fifteen followers! Wow! I’ve never really mind the statistic but this is just too surprising (yeah, I am easily surprised) that I just have to say it.

Okay, the previous post was about the voting, I’ve actually prepared myself for no comment at all, I mean, what a waste of time voting for a random girl and her random shoe design, right? In fact I’ve received the most comment I’ve ever got, lol. Yeah, nineteen is a new record :P

So then I came to a realization that suddenly it’s no longer that important for me to win the contest for I’ve made some new wonderful friends, eh! But I’m still hoping for winning, lol.

So if you haven’t today, go go go vote for me again today :P click the picture below.


Moving on (I know you’re bored of my greediness to win this competition already but I just can’t help it! :P), I’ve finally took some pictures of Dionne’s package, She’s one of my favorite blogger in the blogsphere, she’s so friendly, she always tries to comment back to every comment on her blog, and she’s awesomely creative too! You really must visit her blog and read some of her thoughts, plus artworks, which will tempt you to go to her etsy store where you can purchase her artworks, all handmade and beautiful :)

So she sent me one of her artwork few weeks ago and I tried to give you some gist of how wonderful they are, but definitely, my lame digital camera does her artwork no justice at all, and my photography skill helped me at nothing. I’ve tried to fix it in photoshop but the real one is of course the best.



Aren’t they beautiful? Thank you Dionne for your kindness!


PS: I actually still have loads of things to say but I think I should save it for the next post, aight?


  1. Awwww Dionne seems really creative. And how lucky you are to receive that package. those are some really really cute stuff. =)

  2. Dionne is a artist ;)
    Lovely stuf !!
    Have a nice weekend.....
    I had vote on you ;)

  3. Aren't they all so pretty, Dionne's art! You're so lucky. And wish you more luck on the contest! Wouldn't it be sooo nice, if you won!

  4. hey dear!

    You've been tagged in my latest post!

    10 random facts and tag 10 other bloggers!


  5. Aww, those are such cute things in that package! And I definitely voted for you, hope you win :)

  6. god just realized our blog almost looks alike! dont worry I'll change mine! hahaha

    19 votes huh? keep on threatening! oops I mean persuading :p

  7. that's so cool that she sent you all those awesome things! her artwork is really cute (and i voted for your shoe design. thought i'd help out). <3

  8. (oh, and i sit in front of my laptop, like, a lot too! haha. nothing wrong with it. ;) )

  9. hey girl!! happy belated 4th of july! i hope you had a fabulous 4th! that photo was taken on my blackberry! hubs and i live a block from the beach where they did a fireworks show so we just went on the rooftop and watched it from there instead of going with the masses!

  10. Dionne is so talented! Hope you had a wonderful 4th!


  11. Oh, what happened to your profile icon??? I missed you!

  12. Hi!!

    I came across your blog today after reading City of Dionne's Blog. I LOVE your shoes you have posted about and will definitely be going to vote for you!! We are SO grateful for Dionne's support of our charity's cause & current Giveaway campaign!! Our organization is made up of people who send cards and gifts to individuals battling cancer in hopes of lifting their spirits.

    I wanted to stop by and invite you to our big Jewelry Giveaway that we are currently hosting. Stop by and get in on the fun & maybe even become a Spirit Jumper or a Featured Store!! :) We feature many stores on our website(ETSY sites, etc.) that offer a small discount to our **Spirit Jumpers** who are purchasing items to be sent to our cancer fighters as **Spirit Jumps**.

    Check out our website for more information!!! www.spiritjump.org

    Spirit Jump Co-Founder

  13. those are so cute.
    p.s. i voted today :)

  14. Mel: She sure is talented, super! And of course I am lucky! :P yeah yeah, they're really so cute

    Anya: She is! Haha, and thank you for the vote :D

    photojoy: Thank you! Yeah I am so lucky to win Dionne's gift, and I do hopw I'll be as lucky to win this current contest I'm participating in :D

    Tooth fairy: I did it captain! :D the latest post is!

    Nikolett: Hello! New reader? Thank you for visiting! :D and yeah, they are so cute plus thank you for the vote!

    Rad: Yea, our blogs look similar, great minds think alike, eh? :P

    Erica: Haha, yeah, she's so kind! :D and you too, for voting :)

    Lily: She is absolutely talented! :D

    Sassygirl: I know! They're soooo cuuuteee! ;)

    emily: Thank you for the vote and of course they are all beautiful! Go visit Dionne's blog and you'll find bunch of them! :D

  15. Grrrrr.... something is wrong with Blogger, this is the third time I have tried to comment on this post!

    Thanks for your kind words, you are so sweet!


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