Jun 26, 2009

little bits of everything

Actually, there’s a lot of things I want to write, too much that I can’t concentrate on one, hmmph… So let’s just make a list of it, well.. a little bit of everything.

  1. I think I want to change my layout again sooner, the same little polka dot, I just want to change the color, I seriously have a low pink tolerance, what color do you think is the best? Black-grey-white, Baby blue or green? Ah, I can’t decide, help, please?
  2. I know, I still haven’t posted the pic of Dionne’s fab mail, I’m not gonna use lame excuses like I’ve just finished my exams or I can’t find my camera, or whatever, I just… well, can’t find the right mood? Is it a good reason? HELL NO! So, I’m sorry x(85997468
  3. Yeah, I’ve finished my exams, so now I’m starting to pack some clothes and beg more to my dear parents to give me some more money, BALI!
  4. I went to a classical concert last night. OMO! They’re beautiful! I mean, their voices, the songs and the ambiance! Plus there are a lot of free stuffs, chocolates are everywhere! Haha…185198007_a1922d8dec
  5. Watching some baby panda videos few days ago made me obsessed with them! Seriously, If I can own one I would!


  1. Changing your layout again? wow...hehehehehe... anyhow..the picture of the pandas look super sweet. =)

  2. Congratulations. You finished the exams. Now you'll be free for the moment. Ready for summer vacation? Oh, you're going to Bali, right? So you're expecting more money from your parents? I hope things will work out!

  3. Hey Tiara, thanks for checking out my blog! If you like pandas, you should look up "sneezing panda" on youtube! cheers.

  4. I am happy you finished your exams ,
    yeahhhhhhhhhh...... HOLIDAY !!
    Have a nice and relaxing weekend :)

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  5. Awww you're so lucky, I still have 3 exams!;__;
    I love pandas, they're the cutest thing ever!♥

  6. green is lovely and polka dots are always joy

  7. yeay! I love pandas too, I've got one really cute and funny photo of a panda on my blog! loving your pink design.

  8. OMO?? Oh My O..?? hmm

    anyway, when do u go to Bali?

  9. I love your layout, so cute! And the baby pandas are adorable. I used to wish to own koala bear. hahaha

  10. I like your layout, but if you want to change it I am sure it will be great - you have such pretty tastes!

    Ooooh a classical concert? How awesome!

  11. Mel: I promised you a layout, remember? So send me an email! x)

    photojoy: Haha, yeah... although there are some changes, I still will go to bali no matter what, so... need to save more, haha...

    imitsky: Hello! Yeah, your blog is fun to read :) happy that I found it, and of course I've watched the sneezing baby panda video, it's so hella famous! haha

    Anya: Yeaa... now it's holiday time yay! :D I still have the program to live in the village, though. Which will start... soon.

    Ji: Haha, goodluck for your exams! You'll do good believe me :)

    pixelhazard: Yeah, green is kinda soothing, and of course polka-dots are loveee...

    Toothfairy: Haha, yea! I found the panda pic x) so cuuuteee!!! Hahaha...

    Rad: Oh My Oh! Hahaha... I'm still unsure when, could be this Juli 15th or October, don't forget my lollipop! We should go on a date on 14th (if I really go to Bali @15th)

    Narita: You do love this layout? I guess it's because of the girly soul in you? Hehe... But yeah, I kinda got used to it too...

    Dionne: And you too! Love this layout! Maybe I should just keep it :D

    Tina: Of course they are!!! Hahaha x)


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