Jun 4, 2009

Beauty? Megara!

I've said couple of times that I want to be a princess, right? And now, I’ll tell you about my favorite Disney princess, I’ve never really like Disney’s stories, or actually any fairytales. Sleeping beauty does nothing but sleep and being kissed, Snow White is always hungry that she can’t resist the temptation of eating the red apple. I love Mulan and Pocahontas and Belle from ‘beauty and the beast’, though.

But of all those princesses, my favorite is Megara.

Wait, you know her, right?

She’s witty, almost evil, cool, but most important, she’s smart and she uses her heart.

And let’s not forget beautiful.

Plus, in the movie, she sang Disney's cutest love song ever, it's titled "I won't say (I'm in love)" it's pretty much a lovely denial song, like a conversation in her heart and ends cutely with her singing softly "at least out loud, I won't say I'm in love". Isn't that cute? Watching the scene will just make you go "aww"-ing, well... at least I did.

And her story with Hercules is like the most romantic story Disney ever made, seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet, go rent the DVD and enjoy. I just can't understand why she's so infamous compared to the other princesses, girls! She's got more brain!

Believe me, Hercules is old, the movie, I mean. But their love story is the only love story that still can make me grin and blush when I re-watch the scene and hear the song. So... practically, I'm just telling you of how much I love Megara Hercules, haha.

(I noticed, I use a heaps of the word ‘and’ in this post!)

Talking about beauty, Miss Mayaari is giving a giveaway that can help you make yourselves more beautiful! here is the link where you can go. She’s offering a very interesting choices of make up. Yes, you heard (eh, read) it right choices! You can choose which giveaway you want! Me, basically, honestly, want them all. lol. I shouldn’t be so greedy, eh? So try your luck! :D

and one more! Narita from here also giving a giveaway! :D it's MAC goodies, nooo!!! Who can resist it? Go go go! Haha... :D

And yet another giveaway! This season is just meant for giveaways no? This one come from Mimi here offering a super gorgeous handbag by Jenny Yuen! This one bag is so tempting! I can't resist the charm to join, so... once again, try your luck! ;D there's just a lot of beautiful ladies want to share their beauty charms with us this summer!

Edit: I added the picture and video of Megara :D


  1. Just dropped by the blog you mentioned. And I want all those make up goodies there. I figured, I won't join the contest, so this should boost your chances of winning, that's one person down. But if you win, do share the prize with me pleeeeze?! Lols. hahahahaha...I've never heard of princess Megara but from what you mentioned she seems interesting. Will do a research about her now. =) take care sweetie. =) mwah

  2. Thanks Tiara for the lovely movie ^___^

  3. Hi Tiara,

    Actually, you have to post all the info in a comment on Mayaari's blog. I'm sorry I didn't make that clear. Ugh, I'm so stupid sometimes. :S Hurry! It's the 4th! Go enter! :)

  4. Wow, you've changed the layout!
    But where can I find everyone's comments?
    Am I lost?

  5. Hi, hun! Thanks for participating in my giveaway! I'm gonna make some cranes as well! :)

  6. I like the new layout! much tidier!

  7. te he, I love that movie. It totally cracks me up! :]

    Second, I love the new layout!


    <3 B

  8. I haven't seen the movie yet.
    How do you join the giveaway for the Jenny Yuen bag?

  9. Hi girls! :D (oh, girls and a guy)

    Mel: Aww... you're just too kind! Haha, now let's pray that I'd win *prays hard* lol. And yeah, Megara is so unpopular compared to other princesses. *pouts*

    Anya: Haha, no problem Anya, hope you enjoy it :D

    .maitai: Yeah! I've changed the link! :D haha, but it's pretty good, now I have you as a new friend :)

    photojoy: Yeah! There was some problems regarding the layout, it was cute but even I can't see the comments! How bad is that? lol. So I changed it again :) this one is temporary too, though.

    Narita: Your giveaway is just too good to be missed! LoL. And yay! Thank you if you're willing to donate some cranes too :D

    Rad: I know, I'm gonna change a bit, though. to make it more personal, more... me :P

    Bekah: FINALLY someone knows the film! Haha... yeah, pain and panic are my favorite! Lol. And glad that you like the new layout! :D

    Slices of Beauty: Thank you! I'm gonna visit yours pretty soon! ;)

    Indie.Tea: Hello! Thank you for visiting, by the way I've put the link up there (in the word 'here') so if you click that, you'll go straight there, but to make it easier, here's the address: http://style.la-mimi.com/dress-your-body/jenny-yuen-handbag-giveaway/

  10. yaay new friend! :D

    OoOo you should DEFINITELY get TS3!! When you do, you should also get a game crack for it that allows you to play the game without popping in the CD. I do that for my games and they make my gaming life so much easier. :D

  11. megsra is seriously one of my favorite disney heroines. why? she's sassy, smart, kinda snarky, and pretty, too! haha. plus, i was totally obsessed with that "i won't say i'm in love song". really, though. used to sing it at sleepovers and stuff. <3


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