Jun 11, 2009

Yin Yang

Have you ever think how balanced this world is? girls and boy, good and bad, me and you :) so here I am talking about some good and some bads. Let’s talk about the bad first;

I know clearly that I’ve been on and off in the blogsphere recently, so today I decided to leave for a while, about a week or two, no! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave the blogsphere forever, I know it’ll be empty without me :P I’m having my final exam this week and yeah, just like any other exams, this one is too pretty stressing :) I’ll be around, but sorry if I can’t leave you a proper comment.

Oh, and to fill the emptiness, (here comes the good part!) I’ll leave you a very fun stuff! Have you ever heard of Poladroid? Yes, Poladroid, not Polaroid. It’s a software (free!) that lets you make a (close to) polaroid photo. Click HERE to download this freeware! :) The result is always random, so get ready to be surprised! :D

This poladroid thing bring me some memories back when I dragged some pictures of me and my friends back then poladroid turned it into something even more memorable!

DSCN6089-pola DSCN8624-pola

C__026d copy-pola DSCN7874-polalalala-pola

oh but I figured out that my world isn’t so balanced after all… because I have more goodies than baddies! Yay me! :D here’s the second goodies. KATIE from Sea-Sa(clickie!) is having a giveaway celebrating her 100th post! And this is not just a giveaway! It’s a super HUGE giveaway! The lucky winner will get $100 gift certificate to buy anything from the vintage Lola B boutique! How good does it sound? GOOD! HELL YEAH! If you’re not tempted already (which in my opinion is quite impossible) here are some shots from the boutique!


finally tempted? Great! So let’s visit Katie's blog right now! :D

and if that's not enough, I will show you how people in the blogsphere are crazily kind, GIVEAWAYS everywhere! Here is anoter giveaway from Kelly she's giving away a VERY interesting make up clutch with mascara, lipgloss, perfume samples and many more! You can't miss it, can you? So quick click HERE and join the fun with the other girls! I still can't understand how people can be so giving! Seriously, this is cool, no?

so now, I’m off to do the hell-ish exam, and you can all enjoy Poladroid plus giveaway-ing :) (now, are those even words? lol) I’ll be back soon! Hopefully with some A’s and new layout! :) (oh, yeah, I forgot to tell that I’m trying to recall HOW to create a proper blogger layout.

See you later! Miss me, okay? :P

edit: OH! I changed my layout, do you like it? :D


  1. Oh no! I'm missin gyou already. Good luck with the finals. And those pictures sure look like you guys had a lot of fun!

  2. Good luck on your exam! I hate finals, they are a life sucker.

  3. Good luck on your exam, tackle it and come back ;)

  4. OoOo I love these photos. They look so fun! I'll definitely try this out! :) Thanks for posting!

    Yeah, don't you just love getting emails? :P

  5. hey girl i dont know if i had to say thanks for entering my giveaway! soo..Thank you! and good luck!

  6. Good luck with your finals!♥
    Hope you'll do better than me!xD

  7. Polaroids!!! Oh man, how I miss them... and I remember when they were INVENTED! Yikes...

  8. Mel: Haha, girl, come on, I hadn't even left yet when you wrote the comment :P I haven't even leave now! Wew! And yeah, we sure had bunch of fun! :D

    Sheri: Thank you girl! And thank you for following me too :) you're too fantabulous I couldn't believe you visited my blog! And yeah, exam stings like a b*tch! lol.

    Andhari: Ack! I'm still struggling! Haha, I'll tackle it! Wait, I'm back even before I tackle it! Haha...

    .maitai: Yep yep, you should download the freeware too! It's free after all! And so full of fun! :D

    Kelly: Your giveaway is one to die for! How can I not join? I love free stuffs and new friends! There's no reason I don't join your giveaway! ;)

    Ji: Haha, thank you girl! I'll try my best :D Jia you me!

    Lilu: Yeah! I miss them too! And it's pretty hard to buy the real polaroid, so this freeware works for me! :D and thank you for visiting! :)


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