Feb 2, 2011

I have a special friend



Well I think I’m going to ramble again.

Like other normal human being, I have friends, gotta say heaps of ‘em. I don’t really classify my friends, I don’t think one should. I pour my heart’s content to the same one I go and play all day long, the same one I share my nights with accompanied by some bottles of vodka and beer.

As time approaching, though, there might be spaces between me and a friend, and another friend. I mean, we all have our own lives, right? And no, I’m not complaining at all. I am glad that I managed to solve the problem I had with one of my high school buddy, as glad as to realize that I am in a good relationship with my ex.

Anyway, I have this special friend. Not in that kind of “special” like what I felt for Le Ex (previously Le Boy). This one is special because I can talk just about anything with him (yes yes he’s a guy). Just before you suspect something going on between me and him, yes, something is going on, and that is called respect.

He would be marrying his girlfriend anytime soon so no romantic whatsoever going on here, okay?

I knew him from a friend, and honestly we’re not even that close. I don’t really remember what brought us closer like now. I like how we can chat just anytime. I’m a thinker, over-thinker you may say, and I have so much in mind lately, and I am thankful that he’s there to hear me rant (just like you all here :D).

He might or might not read this, I don’t know. But if he does, I want to tell him that I’m really grateful for his accompany.

I’m glad that he can actually reminds me that yes, I have the potential and yes, I can do whatever I want. I might as well rule the world. I am glad to know that finally someone doesn’t say I am childish (most probably because he’s the one matured), and I am glad that someone tells me that I am a woman, not a girl.

Honestly, talking to him through chat has been being a habit, or addiction. He is honest and true to his word. At times I got scared if I wouldn’t be able to solve my own problem without his word ensuring me, but well… what he had been saying until now is enough to fill my memory and ensure me that I can.

Maybe the timing is right, just when I need someone to talk to I have him, which make days less stressful and this little woman a little bit more confident of her future.

Ah, one of my favorite word of his about me: Fun Fearless Female.

Thank YOU!

ps. Told you, I totally ramble off here. lololol.

And by this post, doesn’t mean my friends are less special and I am not grateful of them, take it as I’m featuring this new special friend. I don’t think my friends would take it that way, though, because they know me and love me to bits. Right? LOL.


  1. All friends are blessings from God, and I am thankful you are one of my blessings. :)

    If ever he gets to read this I am sure he will really appreciate all your kind words. :)

  2. So after you are a bit confident of your future, what is your plan for the next?

  3. i have that kind of boy friend too. i miss him. we haven't chatted for a long time.


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