Feb 21, 2011

new designs

Remember I said I've got some new designs in my hand, right? Here are some of them.

dance in the wild

Oh I just love how 'wild' I was when I made this, all those lines and circles and all... I love the random complexity about this picture. Things I love about drawing is the ability to pour my heart content in it, ever so subtly that only I know what is it about. Since I'm in a good mood today, I'll explain, life has been pretty complex and busy and I love it, yes, I love it that I just want to dance in between all the wild hectic days.

Anyway, I've managed to colorized this picture... I won't show it here now, though. But a little spoiler won't hurt ;)

I don't really have much time in hand, but whenever I'm free (like when I have to wait for my friends, or parents, or whoever -I always wait, go figure) my brain would fly to the lala-land and force my hands to draw, here are some sketches I made (on a random paper I found)

(taken via my webcam, thus the poor quality lol)

The first picture was of a figment of my dream about my future house (hopefully). I'd love to have that one spot for me and my dear to talk and chat and enjoy the scenery while having our morning coffee/tea/milk/juice/whatever before starting our days. It was raining in my picture, just to add more warmth ;). I think I'll have a series of this 'future house dream' where I'd draw other parts of the house as well :).

The second? It was random, so random I didn't really know what I was thinking about, lol. It was koi, you know those pretty fish. Yeah... random, right?

So life's been good to me and I love it :)

ps. Some friends told me that they can't comment on the comment box (I'm still trying to figure out why, hopefully it's just some random blogger error, amen). BUT look! I have new stuff! See that? On the sidebar? Yes, chatbox! Haha... Let's just chat away! :D


  1. Love your little 'future house dream' idea - I do that, too, but with designing houses in Sims 2 for my little sims haha. And I almost like the photo black and white better than the sneak peek, because it's so complex and amazing. Love your drawings so much. So happy life's been good to you!!

  2. HOLIIIII I LOVE THAT PHOTO. even the black & white version.

    maybe i'll like the B&W version better than the coloured one??

    I want to steal your talent from you :(

    p.s ahahah nikolett beats me to it!

  3. How awesome! Here is another talented woman!

  4. have u ever wondered about illustrating a children's book or sthing? there's that fresh happy-go-lucky yet dreamy quality about ur art ^_^

  5. robot!! robot! hehehe...

    this is a LOVELY creation hun... how you did it.. i have no idea. do you have a tablet?

  6. Tiara these are all so pretty!!! I can't decide whether I like the colored or B&W version more as both of them are beautiful in their own way. Hmmm.

    Please open your shoppe soon? ;)

  7. OMG Tiara.. your drawing is soooo pretty. you're very talented. ever try to sell those pics? i'm sure you'll make alot of money! :D

  8. Aaaah.. pretty drawing you got there, little lady.. I'm greeeen with envy,.. I wish I could draw too..

    The Picnic Girl


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