Feb 18, 2011

littletiara shoppe sneak peek

Ah! Finally some news about my this little lady little shoppe! So, I’ve been going back and forth the printing shop lately, comparing prices and trying to find the one with best quality (and best price, haha!). The good news? FOUND! Mission complete, though I know I’ll do more research later because I want to know more, haha…

So here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ll sell. Some of the design you may have familiar with :) well, I do have some new designs I have yet to show to the world, which makes me giddy, haha! (these pictures are unofficial, taken by me in my room. Official photos will be taken next week, by my photographer friend, ronezt, who is now having fun watching iron maiden in Bali. (oh how I envy him!))


pretty sure you’ve seen this picture long before this, right? Well, if you’re new here, then… hello! This ballerina is one of my favorite, I love the color blue and yellow altogether :)
I made a little notebook out of this design

I love the thoughts that whoever write things inside can also enjoy my artwork when they sees the cover :)

this little notebook contains of 40 plain pages, coming in two different colors that matches the cover :)

Aah... so I’ve taken the first step, putting it in one handmade shop. Next, littletiara shoppe (online) will be opened soon, I’m having my fingers crossed here, I just need to find how to build a website, I’ve forgotten what I’ve learnt all along, I think. lol!

Oh, and here are some of other designs :)

oh, and in other note, to show you how cool blogsphere is, check out andhari, one of my favorite bloggy friend, the talented-restless little woman who had just made her first MV! This girl is one of the seriously pretty female rappers out there! check her video out! Oh, and I am so much in love with this song, really! I love love love the lyrics!


  1. This is so amazing! Congratulations Tiara! Update us on your shoppe, I want a notebook! <3

  2. You're so creative!! :) Those are awesome stuff you're selling :)

  3. tirrrr, i want oneeee... kapan nih kita bisa bertransaksi??

  4. oh I love your notebooks!!

    and wow she's really good

  5. It's Great! Looking forward to your next announcement of opening! Good luck!

  6. so pretty!!!! i love the way you mix & match the colours.


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